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10 Disney Films That Show Us the Meaning of Love 1

Disney is no stranger to romance. The quote goes, “It was all started by a mouse.”, and sure, that is certainly what fueled Walt Disney’s imagination and funding – but when it comes down to it, the theme of “Love” drives most of Disney’s tales. Since everyone could use a good dose of it, we’ve compiled a great list of your favorite films that embody true, real – love.

  1. Up (2009)
    • This list isn’t ranked, but if it was, this film would be #1 regardless. Carl and Ellie embody what true love is. An introverted Carl and an extroverted Ellie bring out the best in each other. They live a happy life, regardless of misfortunes and having to spend money on more pressing matters – continuously putting their dream on hold. Over and over, this couple shows their support and love for each other. Even after Ellie passes, her memory drives everything that Carl does and continues to make him a better man. Up is a fantastic movie and brings up what Love really is.
  2. Pocahontas (1995)
    • All historical inaccuracies aside, Pocahontas and John Smith show what love, at first sight, looks like. Both intrigued by each other, they begin a friendship that blossoms into something so much more that will alter the course of both their lives. Pocahontas even goes so far as to defend John from her own father’s hand. Who said the road to Love was smooth?
  3. Lady and the Tramp (1955)
    • When Lady finds herself face to face with uncertain circumstances, a stray named Tramp shows her how to live a care-free life. Throughout the movie, regardless of Ladys’ assumptions of Tramps’ character, he finds a way to shine through and back her up whenever she needs it. He may not be what can be considered as a night in shining armor. He has his flaws, but when it comes to the one he loves, Tramp will do whatever it takes to make his Lady happy.
  4. Robin Hood (1973)
    • Childhood sweethearts who fall in love as adults? Is there anything more romantic? Robin Hood and Maid Marians’ story is not new, but there is something about a Nobel Lady — or Nobel Vixen in this case, who falls for the outlaw that has something that makes everyone swoon.
  5. Tangled (2010)
    • Some of the best love stories are not the focus of the film. The main story of Tangled is the self-discovery of Rapunzel. It just so happens that her self-discovery stars the very goofy, smoldering and thieving Flynn Rider. As in most stories, Rapunzel and Flynn start to fall in love when the reality of Rapunzels’ story begins to rear its head. Flynn’s purpose in life has changed, he has changed, and it is all because of Rapunzel.
  6. WALL-E (2008)
    • EVE is not interested in WALL-E. And why would she in the beginning? He is sweet but going completely against her protocol. When EVE realizes that there is more to WALL-E than a trash compactor, a special bond begins to form. A kiss that sparks your memory? Only a special kind of love can do that.
  7. Aristocats (1970)
    • Thomas O’Malley does not get as much credit as he deserves. The tom-cat is surprised to find out that the lovely Duchess is lost — with three kittens no less. He falters slightly but does not look back when it comes to taking it upon himself to bring Duchess, Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse to safety. He introduces the family to his friends and does not think twice about doing anything he can to help his new love. A new girlfriend that’s good with your friends? What’s not to love about these two?
  8. Hercules (1997)
    • Would you give up being a God for the one you love? Not even a question for Hercules when Meg’s soul is at risk of being lost forever. This story ends up leaving you with the question, what would you do for your one true love?
  9. Princess and the Frog (2009)
    • If you don’t believe that this movie constitutes TRUE love, you’d be wrong. Prince Naveen is flawed but (SPOILER ALERT) he and Tiania do fall in love near the end. This love may be too manufactured for some – but do not overlook the true love story within this love story. Ray and Evangeline. A firefly, forever in love with the Evening Star? Who said love had to make sense?
  10. Tarzan (1999)
    • The film sets the stage for Jane to teach Tarzan all that she knows, yet it is Tarzan that shows Jane so much more. Ready for the corny line? It is clear that on this journey of discovery, they found the one thing they never expected – love.

There are plenty more love stories to make your way through but these are 10 of our favorites! Pop in any one of these 10 films and you’re sure to find all the love you’re looking for!

10 Disney Films That Show Us the Meaning of Love 2

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