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When “non-Disney” people think of theme parks, my guess is iconic and nostalgic scents are not the first thing that comes to mind. However, we Disney addicts all know and love the many different scents we experience throughout the Disney parks and resorts. One thing Disney seems to the absolute best is to completely immerse its guests in a different world. While visiting Disney, expect to have all 5 senses awakened. All it takes is just a small whiff of one of my favorite Disney scents to send me right back to the attraction I remember it from, even if the attraction is no longer operating. What I wouldn’t give to smell the oranges on Horizons one more time! Most of us Disney lovers have a favorite scent or two from our happy place. There are so many to choose from, I am going to give you my top 10.

1. Flying over the Orange Grove during Soarin’ Over California- I swear you can practically taste the oranges when you fly over the California Orange Grove! you’ll be craving some fresh citrus when the ride is over!

2. The Lobby of Disney’s Polynesian Villiage Resort- As if we needed another reason to love visiting the Polynesian, the smell inside the lobby is a unique tropical, fruity scent. It’s no wonder the Polynesian Village is one of the most popular Disney resorts, you are transported to a Pacific Island with sight, sound, smell, and even taste! Once you visit, you’ll want to return again and again.

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3. Freshly popped popcorn- who can resist the smell of warm, fresh popcorn form one of the many popcorn stands throughout the parks? I certainly can’t! I swear even a snack as basic as popcorn just tastes better when coming from a Disney cart!

4. Flying over the Valley of Mo’ara during Flight of Passage- Once you experience this scent, you will want to smell it over and over! It is such a crisp, clean scent and really immerses you in the attraction. It’s no wonder it is one of the most popular Disney scents and one of the most popular Disney attractions.

5. Flying over the Taj Mahal during Soarin’ Around the World- This scent is fresh and floral and reminds me of a fresh bouquet of roses. I look forward to this scene every time I ride this attraction.


6. The iconic smell inside Disney’s Haunted Mansion- The musky smell of the Haunted Mansion attraction always invokes nostalgia! Of course of the most classic and iconic attractions would have its own scent.

7. The Rome burning scene during Spaceship Earth- The smokey, wood-burning scent during this scene really brings the scene to life. With Spaceship Earth’s imminent refurbishment on the horizon, I really hope this scent stays!

8. The water and cannons during Pirates of the Caribbean- Another classic attraction with a unique and iconic scent. I always look forward to this clean, fresh scent at the beginning of the attraction.

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9. The Main Street Confectionery- The only thing that could make walking right down the middle of Main Street USA even better would be walking down Main Street engulfed with the delicious smell of the Main Street Confectionary. It is such a welcoming smell when you enter the Magic Kingdom Park, and almost always makes me want to stop for a quick treat!

10. The Norway Pavilion inside Epcot- This delightful and refreshing scent can actually be taken home with you! The perfume responsible for the amazing smell inside the Norway Pavilion is called ‘Laila, the Essence of Norway’.

Now I am having some serious Disney scent withdraws! Seriously, scent nostalgia is a real thing and it’s amazing how a familiar scent can invoke such strong emotions! When you are longing for that Disney fix, try a scented candle featuring your favorite Disney scent and see how your favorite scent can transport you back to your happy place!





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  1. Disney scents are amazing, so I thought of my two favorites.
    1. Disneyland (not World, it’s different) Pirates of the Caribbean: bromine and mildew which is somehow awesome.
    2. Disney Cruise Line lotion: Smells like a vacation.

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