Our 5 Favorite Thrill Rides At Walt Disney World

Our 5 Favorite Thrill Rides At Walt Disney World 1

Walt Disney World is a place for kids, so therefore all the rides must be geared towards little ones as well, right? That is an assumption that many believe to be true – but in reality – it couldn’t be more false! Walt Disney World the perfect place for those of ALL ages (adults, too!), and the rides are way more than just your typical kiddie rides! Check out these Top Disney World Thrill Rides:

Space Mountain Fastpasses

1. Space Mountain: This is a classic – one of the few rides that has withstood the test of time (it opened with the Magic Kingdom back in 1975!), and continues to be REALLY popular – so popular that I have seen wait times top 4 hours! It’s a roller coaster where you board a “rocket” and “blast off” into space, and part of what makes this such a thrill is it’s set completely in the DARK! Tight twists, turns, and drops are around every corner on this one – which is part of what makes it so thrilling! That combined with the darkness makes this one a “must do”. The planets and stars twinkle from up above, and it’s a pretty cool experience. It’s one that my family and I run to the minute the parks open to avoid the initial rush – and while that may seem nuts to run to a ride, trust me – it’s worth it!

Our 5 Favorite Thrill Rides At Walt Disney World 2

2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: This is the newest thrill ride at Walt Disney World – you’ll find it over in the New Fantasyland area of the Magic Kingdom – where it’s queue has multiple interactive areas to keep you entertained while you wait (be sure to look for the notes the Dwarfs left for you!)as you head toward the boarding area. The train vehicles themselves are special – they are the first of their kind to swing from side to side in response to every twist and turn (and there’s a lot of them!). The ride itself is full of drops and hills and while it’s not quite as intense as some others on the list, it DOES get fast. So,  if you’re looking for a super interactive ride for the kids that will still let you feel the wind in your hair as you speed around then the Mine Train is for you.

Our 5 Favorite Thrill Rides At Walt Disney World 3

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: The Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland is home to this wild train ride – the theme is reminiscent of the Old West with caves, a waterfall, and other Southwestern themed landscaping. You board the train and suddenly you’re headed off with NO CONDUCTOR – eek! The thrills come fast – with sharp turns and twists (but no big drops on this one). I recommend you hold on tight to the lapbar, and that you remove your hats and glasses prior to your departure – it’s a bumpy ride, and you don’t want to lose any of your valuables! This has always been my hands down favorite ride – it always keeps me guessing, and it’s just fast and fun!

Tower of Terror

4. Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror: Even from the outside this one is unsettling – the Hollywood Tower Hotel is rundown and pretty creepy looking – and once you get inside it only gets stranger! You watch a short film that sets the stage for your ride, and then you head down to the boiler room to queue up for the freight elevators (because obviously the regular ones are broken and only the super creaky, industrial freight elevators are operable!). The elevator heads through the hotel and then finally the cables “snap” – sending you plummeting down 13 stories! You’re then taken through a series of rises and drops – which may not seem like much, but it really is quite the thrill! This ride opened in 1994 – and not to date myself, but I vividly remember waiting over 2 hours with my dad to ride it – the theming throughout the Hotel is amazing, and just adds to the creepiness factor and builds that much more suspense when you finally board your elevator to “The Twilight Zone.”

Disney After Dark

5. Expedition Everest: As you enter the “old tea warehouse” at the base of Mount Everest, you see an elaborate museum dedicated to the mysterious Yeti – and supplies and ads for the touring company that is about to lead you in your treacherous journey up the mountain. You then board a train style vehicle (an older train that was once used to transport tea but is now acting as your touring vessel) which takes you into the mountain, across a pretty unstable bridge, and through forests – all the while you’re seeing several warning signs that you shouldn’t go any further. But, you press on – until you come to a screeching halt near a twisted section of track – which has been torn apart by the Yeti himself! The thrills peak when you have to rush backwards to escape the terrifying creature and dash back down the mountain to safety!

If you’re a big fan of roller coasters and other suspenseful thrill rides (like I am!) then you will definitely want to check these out next time you’re at Walt Disney World. Oh – and – a little tip from me to you – I would HIGHLY recommend you plan ahead and utilize Fastpass+ for all of these – they tend to be really popular and using the FastPass would leave you more park time to check out even more rides!


Our 5 Favorite Thrill Rides At Walt Disney World 4

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