If you have seen the Pixar film Up, you get a specific feeling whilst watching it. The amazing teams at Pixar have continuously shown their gift of making a simple story of life, love, loss, and adventure into something… magical. If you need a brief recap, childhood sweethearts, Carl and Ellie, have an incredible life together – filled with the natural ups and downs. When Carl loses the love of his life, he loses a bit of himself – and it isn’t until an eager-to-help Wilderness Explorer shows up that a new adventure begins. Fans may know the story in and out, but they may not know some of the facts listed below!

  1. Just a Few Balloons
    • Looking to make your own house float? Well, it’s not as “easy” as Carl makes it look! The official count of balloons used to make Carl’s house float was 10,297. For the actual size of Carl’s house, it would take around 20 to 30 MILLION balloons! So… if it takes roughly 14 cubic feet of helium to inflate just one balloon – we’re looking for about 420 million cubic feet of helium! Phew. That’s enough math for this writer.
  2. Our Favorite Easter Egg
    • In the film, Carl is summoned to Court. Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed that the number of the courtroom is quite familiar! The number ‘A113’ can be seen on a plaque above Carl. What is A113? Well at the California Institute of the Arts in the Character Animation Program, there is an animation classroom under the number A1-13. This number can be found in many Pixar’s films!
  3. Tall Enough
    • According to Disney.sg, “In most Pixar films, characters are usually six to seven heads tall. Carl is only three heads tall!”. Quite something considering how intense Carl can be!
  4. A Quiet Inspiration
    • Something that makes the montage of Carl and Ellie’s relationship so wonderful is you don’t have to hear a single word for you to see how much they truly loved one another. That inspiration, according to co-writer and director Pete Docter, came from Silent Films.
      • ““I grew up in a time where our parents took a lot of Super 8 movies of us,” Docter said. “When you watch them, of course it’s without dialogue—just the whirring of the projector. There’s something almost more emotional about it without the sound. With Up, as an audience member, you’re asked to contribute to the scene, and it comes to life in your own head.” D23
  5. Disney Inspiration
    • The character of Charles Muntz was inspired by Walt Disney. In an interview with Big Shiny Robot, Pete Docter has stated, “Yeah, we looked at Spencer Tracy, Walter Matthau, James Whitmore… as well as our own grandparents. For Muntz we modeled him on strong, 30’s era adventurous types — Errol Flynn and Walt Disney were two inspirations, as well as real-life adventurers like Roald Amundsen and Percy Faucett.”
  6. A Family Matter
    • The drawings within ‘My Adventure Book’ were actually drawn by Pete Docter’s daughter! She also contributed as the voice of Young Ellie as well.

How many of these facts did you know? Let us know if we missed any of your favorites in the comments below!

Picture: Disney / Pixar

6 Fascinating Facts about Pixar's 'Up' 1

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