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Best Drinks Found Morning, Noon and Night at Oga's Cantina 1

So you’ve made your reservation and you’re headed to Oga’s. But what to order? Check out our favorites down below (thanks to the Oga’s Cantina Menu) and see which ones are your favorite!

Boozy Beverages

  • Morning (Only) Buzz
    • A Star Wars version of a Bloody Mary? Yes PLEASE. Check out the Bloody Rancor ($18.00), made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, Spicy Bloody Mary Mix, and a Rancor Bone – sure to put a pep in your step on a lovely Disney Morning.
    • The Spiran Caf ($17.00) is available for coffee lovers that are looking for a bit of “umph” to start their day. Made with Peru Alto Mayo Organic Joffrey’s Coffee, Orange Marmalade, Gosling’s 151 Rum, Vanilla Whipped Cream, and Citrus Zest, this drink gives you the boost of orange and coffee to start your morning right.
  • Noon & Night Sippin’
    • There are too many choices when it comes to picking out a favorite cocktail! There’s the Bespin Fizz ($18.00), made with Bacardí Superior Rum, Yuzu Purée, Pomegranate Juice, White Cranberry Juice, and a Cloud Swirl. For the tequila fans, The Outer Rim ($17.00) is made w Patrón Silver Tequila, Cedilla Açaí Liqueur, Lime Juice, Pure Cane Sugar, with Black Salt and Exotic Fruit Purée. If either of those doesn’t excite you – check out the rest of the list!
  • Provisions
    • If you’re not sure what a provision is, look up the photos, or wait to be surprised. Order the Rodian Ration ($13.50) and be delighted! It is made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Dekuyper Pucker Sour Apple, Green Apple, Sprite, and Boba Balls. It’s something to behold!
  • Beer and Wines GALORE
    • If you stay away from the cocktails and find yourself wanting some beer, wine or cider, Oga’s has everything you’re looking for. From beers with such names as “White Wampa Ale” and “Gold Squadron Lager”, to “Imperial Guard” wine, you’ll get all the fanfare – with minimal fuss, just as you like it!

Booze-Free Drinks

  • Morning (Only) Refreshers
    • For those who like to be refreshed, Oga’s offers two tea options that are sure to delight! The Moogan Tea ($7.00) is made with Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea, Chocolate Milk, Vanilla, and Cinnamon, whilst the Tarine Tea ($6.50) is made with Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea, Peach, Huckleberry, and Mint.
  • All Day Drinks!
    • The Blue Bantha ($13.00), made with Blue Milk and Bantha-inspired Vanilla-Butter Sugar Cookie, and the Black Spire Brew ($7.00), made with Cold Brew Joffrey’s Coffee, Honey, Falernum, Passion Fruit, and Citrus – are available any time you head into Oga’s – morning or night!
  • Lunch and Dinner  (Buzz-Free) Brews
    • Afraid there wont be a beverage for you? Check out 6 alcohol-free drinks that will have anyone craving your beverage! The Carbon Freeze ($7.50) is made with POWERADE Lemon Lime, Wild Strawberry, Blueberry, and Green Apple Popping Pearls – a colorful and delightful beverage. The Blurrgfire ($7.00) is made with Odwalla Lemonade, Pomegranate Juice, and Habanero-Lime – giving you some heat! One of the best names is Hyperdrive (Punch It!) ($6.00) made with POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast, White Cranberry Juice, Black Cherry Purée, and Sprite. Sweet and delicious!
  • Provisions
    • If you’re wondering if you’ll get to enjoy Provisions – the answer is OF COURSE. Check out Oga’s Obsession ($7.50) specially made with Odwalla Lemonade, Cotton Candy Flavor, Blueberry Popping Pearls with a Bursting Dried Fruit Mixture. Bringing out the kid… I mean, Jedi… in all of us!

There are plenty more on the menu at Oga’s! There is something for everyone to enjoy! Make sure you check Walt Disney World’s website for more information and tell Oga hi for us!

Best Drinks Found Morning, Noon and Night at Oga's Cantina 2

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