Mistakes to Avoid when Booking a Hotel at Disneyland

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Mistakes to Avoid when Booking a Hotel at Disneyland

Disneyland offers a range of hotels to suit all styles and budgets, from luxurious on-site Disney resorts to convenient nearby options. While there’s no wrong choice, first-time visitors often overlook key factors when booking their stay. To help you avoid common pitfalls, here are some things to consider…

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Only Considering on-site Disney Hotels

First-time Disneyland visitors often focus solely on the three pricier on-site hotels, missing out on potentially budget-friendly options near the park. While these Disney resorts offer perks like early park entry and proximity, exploring hotels outside the Disneyland property can lead to significant savings. Don’t feel locked into a premium price tag – a magical Disneyland vacation is achievable for any budget!

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Choosing a Hotel too far Away

Don’t be fooled by “near-Disneyland” hotels – some are miles away. Renting a car for a nearby hotel adds unnecessary expense for parking and ride-sharing. Aim for a truly walkable hotel to maximize convenience, especially for midday breaks. Use Google Maps to confirm distance before booking!

Not Understanding “Disneyland Shuttle”

While some Anaheim hotels advertise Disneyland shuttles, these are rare. Most rely on Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) shuttles, which service many hotels but aren’t exclusive. The Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) system is a public bus service connecting hotels to Disneyland, not a dedicated hotel shuttle. Expect waits at both ends. Consider this when choosing a hotel, especially if multiple ART stops are on your route.

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Choosing a Hotel without Complimentary Breakfast

Start your Disneyland day with a complimentary breakfast at your hotel. This budget-friendly option saves you time waiting in line and money on park food, letting you maximize your park time with a full belly!

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Traveling During Peak Holidays

Consider visiting Disneyland during off-peak seasons for better hotel rates and smaller crowds. This tip is ideal for budget-conscious travelers with flexible schedules.

We know some families can only travel during school holidays and peak seasons. If that is you, just know hotel prices will be higher for your trip.

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Not Booking with a Travel Agent

Booking your hotel with a travel agent can offer several benefits. They have access to exclusive deals and discounts you might not find on your own, and their expertise can save you time and frustration. They can help you navigate different hotel options, find hidden gems, and ensure your accommodations perfectly match your needs and budget. With their insider knowledge, travel agents can also advise you on ideal locations and amenities to enhance your trip.

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