Top 5 Disney World Foods I Am ADDICTED To!

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Anyone who has been to Disney World will tell you that there are certain foods there that are highly addictive there. I mean, they might not come right out and say it, but if they’re honest with themselves a couple of times a year (sometimes more often), they’ll start randomly “jonesing” for Disney World Foods.

Today I’m going to share my TOP 5 Disney World Foods and tell you where you can get them. 

#5 Mickey Shaped Ice Cream Bar

Where can I get it? Literally every Disney park. You will see little ice cream carts throughout the parks; they’re in there! 

What’s in it? Vanilla ice cream infused with pixie dust and magic, then dipped in milk chocolate. 

Why do you love it? Ok, so I know you probably THINK you can get these at like gas stations around your town, but you’re mistaken. The ones at Walt Disney World have some pixie dust in them that makes them like 6-7 times more delicious than anywhere else. Don’t be fooled into getting the ice cream bar version or some weird banana dipped in chocolate thing. Go straight for the ears. If it’s not shaped like mickey and on a stick, then it’s not the Disney World Food you’re looking for. 

#4 Zebra Domes

Where is it? Boma & Mara, Animal Kingdom Lodge, WDW

What’s in it? A Zebra Dome is a sweet white cake with a “dome” of Amarula Liquor mousse around it. Then they dip it in white chocolate and drizzle dark chocolate over it in a zebra pattern. NO ZEBRAS ARE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS DELICIOUSNESS!

Why do you love it? I can sometimes get a little overwhelmed at Boma. I know a lot of people don’t feel that way. They’re super adventurous eaters and try all the rice, beans, and meat they can find. For me, eh… I’m a little less brave. However, whenever I go to Boma, I MAKE myself try as many new things as I can. My reward for eating adventurously? Zebra Domes. This lovely, safe, delicious confection reminds me of what bon-bon’s must taste like on all the shows of the 1940s. I love the Amarula liquor and will deny wrapping up some extra and putting them in my backpack even if you catch me red-handed. 

#3 Tonga Toast – 

Where is it? Kona Cafe & Captain Cooks, Polynesian Resort, WDW

What’s in it? It’s Sourdough French Toast that is stuffed with bananas, deep-fried, and then rolled in Cinnamon Sugar and often served with a Strawberry Compote. When you bite in it, the Tiki Gods sing (just kidding, but it feels that way).

Why do you love it? Have you heard the saying “save the best for last”? We DO by always having our last Disney meal at Kona Cafe on the day we fly or drive home. This delicious breakfast food somehow manages to not be too sweet despite all the sugar. Coupled with bacon on the side, it’s definitely enough to make you feel the Aloha Spirit!

#2 Dole Whip – 

Where is it? Sunshine Terrace or Aloha Isle, Adventureland, Magic Kingdom Park, WDW

What’s in it? Pineapple soft-serve ice cream. It can be eaten plain, mixed with vanilla ice cream, or served as a “float” in pineapple juice. It tastes better when there’s no insanely long line for it, or there is shade where you’re waiting. 

Why do you love it? This sweet treat is one of the most iconic Disney World creations, and lines can get quite long. I am a pineapple fan, but even those I’ve talked to who don’t LOVE pineapple still seem to like it. It’s very refreshing. Tart and sweet at the same time. If you need something to “cut” the pineapple taste, then go for the vanilla swirl. It is a MUST TRY for every Disney vacationer. 

#1 Casey’s Corner Hot Dog – 

Where is it? Casey’s Corner, Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom Park, WDW

What’s in it? All-Beef Hot Dog on a hot-dog bun. You pick the toppings from there! *You can also get a vegetarian version and/or a gluten-free bread. 

Why do you love it?  I’m not going to lie… I. DON’T. KNOW. I seriously have no clue what it is about these particular hot dogs that are just knock-your-socks-off delicious. There have been many times when out of the blue, I’ve been ravenous for a Casey’s Corner hot dog. We only eat all-beef hot dogs as it is, so it can’t be that. It must just be that it comes with that little extra bit of Disney magic that I cannot resist. 

What about you? What would make YOUR Top 5 Disney Food Addictions list? 

Top 5 Disney World Foods I Am ADDICTED To! 1

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