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What should I pack for my Walt Disney World Resort Vacation?

If you’re looking to save money on your next Walt Disney World Vacation, one of the smartest things you can do is PACKING SMARTER! The more that you bring with you, the less you will have to buy. With our family of 6, things can get crazy if we don’t plan, so today I’ll share with you some of the things I recommend you pack on your next trip.

Disney World Packing suggestions:

COMFORTABLE SHOES: This is not optional. You HAVE TO HAVE COMFORTABLE SHOES TO WALK IN. We would suggest breaking them in. Seriously, walk consistently from the time you book your trip until you go on your vacation because it’s WAY more walking then you think it’s going to be Some days at Disney, my Fitbit hits 12 miles a day. Packing moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet happy.

STROLLERS: You can bring your own or rent strollers, but we suggest if you bring your own, it is a VERY easy fold up. You’ll understand the first time you try to get on a tram from the parking lot. Make sure you mark that stroller as one of Cast Members’ favorite ways to work out some aggression is by moving strollers a billion times a day. I vote for a neon-colored ribbon over a balloon as many people choose the balloon as a marker.

CAMERAS: If you’re a photo-geek, you already know to bring this with you, but often you can use PhotoPass for professional tickets or use your cell phone. Because you have to stow your items on every ride, sometimes this gets hard with big cameras.

RAINCOAT/PONCHO: You’re Orlando, it will rain pretty much every day. Seriously. Like even on your perfect Disney trip, it will still probably rain for a part of it. The good news is that often during this rain, many people leave, so if you have rain gear and endure, you will likely have much shorter lines later. You can buy rain items in the park, but they’re significantly more expensive than that poncho at your local superstore.

SUNSCREEN: The sun does not kid in Orlando. You will burn, and then you will be miserable. No matter what your skin color is, you will have significant sun exposure at Disney parks. You can buy this in the park, but again, it will cost significantly more.

BREATHABLE FABRIC CLOTHES: Bring clothes that “breathe” as much as possible. Jeans and Jean shorts can cause your legs to chafe in Orlando’s humidity or after a water ride. Using cotton-based fabrics will help a lot.

SWIMSUITS: Whether you are on-property or off-property, pretty much every hotel, resort, or rental is going to have somewhere to swim. The pool is a great way to relax and unwind, so make sure that you are packing your suit.

SNACKS: If you have a family that eats continuously throughout the day, packing a load of snacks in your backpack will save you a ton. Yes, you CAN bring them in. Cans, water, bottles, snack packs can bring them into the parks (but you also have to haul them around or put them in a locker at the front of the park). FYI Disney parks do not sell chewing gum, AND there very few smoking areas, so pack gum if needed.

A GOOD BACKPACK: When our kids were little, this was the most important thing we had! We kept changes in clothes, drinks, snacks, ponchos, suntan lotion, and more in our bags. You might want to avoid having tons of zippers simply because it’s a pain at bag check.

HAND SANITIZER & WET WIPES: Sanitizer will likely be EVERYWHERE after the pandemic, but packing your own if even it’s easy to find in the parks because, well, people are gross.

PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER: This is a BIG one that is often forgotten! Make sure you have a suitable portable charger. The bigger, the better. There are some locations to recharge your phone, but you can’t leave them and ride your rides! My phone seems to drain very quickly at WDW. Make sure you have a way to charge so you can get into contact with family members if you split off for a while and not miss out on phones or using the app.

PRE-BOUGHT SOUVENIRS – There’s no shortage of souvenirs at Disney. However, they aren’t cheap. If you know your kids are going to be “wanters,” it will pay to bring some from your local Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, or Target and give them those and save money. Set a budget or packing gift cards for your children will help a lot. When the money is gone it’s gone!

I hope this list will help you and your family! It’s done wonders for us and puts a little extra money back into our pockets so that we can spend it on more Disney adventures!

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