Does everyone in my party have to choose the same fastpasses?

Q: Does everyone in our party have to choose the same fastpasses?

A: The FastPass+ reservation system through My Disney Experience allows guests staying on Disney Property to choose 3 fast passes per person, per day, up to 60 days in advance and 30 days in advance for those guests who may not be staying on Disney property. As part of this planning initiative you may be wondering, ” What if everyone in my party cannot agree on the same ride or attraction? Is everyone in my party forced to choose the exact same fastpasses?”

The answer is no!

Disney has always know how to accommodate the needs of their guests and the FastPass+ system is no exception. When the day arrives for you to choose your fastpasses, My Disney Experience will allow you to choose the park,  the attraction, as well as the members of your party who would like to join you. This means that every member of your party will be able to choose something they can enjoy with a less of a wait.

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