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Finding Walt Disney’s Little Man of Disneyland

Reading Little Man of Disneyland

I grew up reading Little Golden Books. One of my family’s favorites is Walt Disney’s Little Man of Disneyland. I love when my husband reads the book to our kids because he always reads it in a questionable Irish accent! If you have not had the chance to read it, I highly suggest it! It is perfect for Disney fans, theme park enthusiasts, and Little Golden Book collectors of all ages!

Little Man of Disneyland book cover

Walt Disney’s Little Man of Disneyland was written in 1955 by Jane Werner. She is the author of more than 400 Little Golden Books. She went by the pen name, “Annie North Bedford,” as the Golden Book offices were on North Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills!

Little Man of Disneyland follows Patrick Begorra a leprechaun, whose house was in the base of an orange tree in Anaheim. He met Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy as they planned to tear out the orange tree grove and build Disneyland.  Patrick was stunned and not okay with this! Mickey and friends took him in a helicopter ride to the Disney Studios to check out plans for Disneyland (that is how Walt would travel between locations as well!). Patrick Begorra then struck a deal. He said they could build Disneyland as long as he would be able to build a home and live quietly in Disneyland. They agreed and construction began. Then it came time for Patrick to find his new home.

“So when you visit Disneyland, keep your eyes open wide. Maybe you’ll see a wee man in green, smoking a small clay pipe. Maybe you’ll follow him when he goes home, and find out where he lives. If you do, you’ll be the only one in the world who’s found Patrick Begorra’s home!”

Does Patrick still live in Disneyland?

Clues to Little Man of Disneyland

There are clues in the book as to where you could find Patrick’s house. For years you could find his house down by the docks near the Jungle Cruise. But one day it went missing!

In 2015 for Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, Patrick’s house was moved. To find the Little Man of Disneyland’s house you need to go to Indiana Jones Adventure ride.

Indiana Jones Ride sign

Find the ride sign that is attached to a tree in the planter box. Look in the planter box, then next to the base of the tree and you’ll see it! When people look at you crazy because your taking pictures of a tree, make sure to share the story of Patrick and how his house came to be.

Little Man of DIsneyland's house

On every visit, we have to swing by and say hi to see if Patrick is out and about. We have yet to meet Patrick, but still, have hope that one day we’ll find him. Have you been able to catch a glimpse of him?

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