From Stage to Screen: Exploring Careers in the Arts at Universal Orlando Resort

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Visiting Universal Orlando Resort provides a unique opportunity to expose children to careers in the arts through its various pop-up shows, immersive attractions, and fun character meet and greets. As performers dazzle audiences with impromptu shows and beloved characters come to life, children can gain insights into the exciting careers behind these magical experiences. Let’s dive in and explore how the budding artist in your family can benefit from a trip to Universal Orlando Resort!

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Pop-Up Shows: A Window into Performing Arts

The pop-up shows at Universal are spontaneous and engaging, showcasing talents across a range of performing arts. Shows such as the “Blues Brothers Show,” “Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees”, and the “Beat Builders” offer live performances that involve singing, dancing, and instrumental performances. As you watch these, you can discuss with your children the various aspects of performing arts visible here—such as vocal technique, choreography, musical composition, and the teamwork required to coordinate such performances.

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Character Interactions: Behind the Scenes of Acting and Costume Design

Meeting characters like Optimus Prime, Spider-Man, Gru from Despicable Me, and Poppy and Branch from Trolls isn’t just exciting; it’s also a teachable moment to explore the careers behind these interactions. You can talk about the roles of actors who study and embody these characters, bringing them to life with their performances. Meet and Geets like Doney and Shrek in DreamWorks Land can also spurn discussion about the blending of art and science that allows these interactive character interactions to come to life.

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Special Effects and Makeup: The Magic Behind the Monsters

The “Horror Make-Up Show” at Universal Studios provides an excellent behind-the-scenes look at the special effects and makeup industries. This show reveals how makeup artists create gory effects and realistic creatures for movies and TV shows. Discuss with your children how artists use their skills in chemistry and art to design makeup that is safe, effective, and transformative, creating illusions that are crucial to storytelling in horror and beyond.

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Stage Management and Production

Attending one of Universal Orlando’s Stage Shows can help introduce children to the unseen roles that make these performances possible, such as stage management, sound engineering, and lighting design. You can explain how stage managers coordinate all aspects of a live performance, ensuring everything runs smoothly. The magic of these performances is especially highlighted during the Christmas season when the Grinch and friends come to town! Similarly, sound engineers and lighting designers play essential roles in setting the atmosphere and ensuring that the audience can hear and see the performance at its best.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Creative Writing and Storytelling

Many attractions at Universal are based on stories from films and books, such as those in “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” or “Seuss Landing.” This presents an opportunity to discuss careers in creative writing and storytelling. You can talk about how writers and content creators develop stories that capture imaginations and how these stories are adapted into scripts for rides, shows, and character interactions, ensuring storylines and scenes from films are adapted in a way that both make sense for the attraction while honoring the source material.

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Universal Orlando Resort serves as a vibrant classroom for arts education, where each attraction, show, and character interaction can inspire discussions about the myriad careers in the arts. From acting and costume design to special effects and stage management, Universal Studios offers a unique, hands-on way to inspire future artists and entertainers.

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