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Has Disney Increased Annual Pass and Parking Rates?

Parking rates

Today Disney’s new date based ticket system was put into effect, effectively changing ticket prices depending on the day you plan to visit. That wasn’t the end of the news today though. As of today Annual Pass prices and Parking rates have also increased. Don’t freak out just yet though, the increases were relatively small:

Platinum Plus: from $949 to  $994.           Platinum: from $849 to $894.              Gold: from $589 to $609.                   Silver: from $439 to $479.

Parking at the parks is also going to cost you a bit more starting today:

Automobile: from  $22 to $25.00
Oversized: from $27 to $30.00
Preferred: from $45 to $50.00

The parking increase applies to non-passholder offsite guests only. Annual Passholders and registered guests of Disney owned hotels will still enjoy complimentary parking at the theme parks.

In addition to parking rate and annual pass increases, some merchandise has also seen a price hike. Not long ago, guests wanting to purchase ear headbands saw a higher price tag and today we are seeing increases on magic bands as well. However, like the parking rates, this increase will not effect guests staying at a Disney owned hotel.  Solid color magic bands will still be sent complimentary.

While we hate to see any price increases, this latest round is less painful than others we have seen.

Jill Bivins

Jill Bivins is a lifelong Disney fan and mom to a precocious three year old son. Her first visit to Walt Disney World was in 1987 (when she was two) and she has made well over a dozen trips since. When Jill isn't at Disney, she's eitherplanning her next trip or scheming up ways to convince her husband to agree to go to Disney.

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