How to get a high score on Toy Story Mania

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Today, we are giving helpful tips on how to get a high score at Toy Story Mania when visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios! 

Making your way through the queue of Hollywood Studio’s Toy Story Mania is like taking a walk (albeit a long one) down memory lane.  It really is sensory overload as around every corner is a tip-of-the-hat to some of the toys and games that you loved as a child.  The sense of scale makes you feel as tiny as Woody and his cohorts as you come across a towering game of Candyland and giant View-Master reels complete with amazing Disney imagery.  Mr. Potato Head is also on hand for a bit of sardonic banter which helps to pass the time.  

Fans of this ride know exactly which targets to aim for and go in with a thirst for the win. There are multiple games within the ride, so be quick on your feet. Toy Story Mania brings out the competitor in all of us and is great for the whole family! 

We’ve written a list of ways to rack up points so you can also earn a high score on Toy Story Mania!

How to get a high score on Toy Story Mania 1

But first, let us say you shouldn’t waste your energy on the practice round. After all, this is a practice round to test your accuracy. You won’t earn any points, so save your shots for the other scenes.

Hamm & Eggs Game 

For the first game you’re firing at targets on the farm. Find the hen house near the bottom-corner. Shoot the fox off of the house and chickens will start running out. Keep firing at the chickens for non-stop points for the rest of the game. There are other 500 point targets you can shoot for during this round, but focusing on repeating the process with the hen house is a great way to rack up points!

How to get a high score on Toy Story Mania 2

Rex & Trixie’s Dino Darts Game

Fire darts at the long skinny balloons under the volcano, and it will erupt after you’ve popped all of them. The volcano’s eruption will release clusters of 500-point balloons that are close together, making it easy to pop them all in a row. Aim for lava flow down volcano to release bigger point target balloons when hit.

Be sure to release the meteor shower by shooting the meteor targets in the corners of the screen. If you successfully hit them all it will release a meteor shower of balloons including a 5000 point balloon!

How to get a high score on Toy Story Mania 3

Green Army Men Shoot Camp Game

In this game you need to break plates to earn points. Watch for the flying plates at the top of the screen between the mountain and hills. One comes in on a airplane, and others will fly up through the air before dropping back down. If you can hit them all, a big tank will come in with lots more to break. Moving targets are worth more, so keep an eye out for plates that pop up or fly across the top of the screen!

Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers Game

If you can manage to clear all the aliens from the rocket ship in the center of the screen, the rocket will blast off revealing a giant robot. But knock them all down fast before any aliens get the chance to stand back up! When he opens his mouth, you can rapid-fire to earn thousands of points. When its mouth opens, you can fire rings in to earn multiple points each time: 100 the first time, then 500, 1,000, and finally 2,000!

How to get a high score on Toy Story Mania 4

Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery Game

You will be throwing suction darts at bullseyes in this booth.  There are three stages:

First, try to clear the bullseyes in the center of the screen. Then move on to the gopher at the bottom and the barrels.  When the 100 point bullseyes have been cleared they will reveal 500 and 1000 point bullseyes on the buildings. When those are cleared they will reveal 2000 point bullseyes near the bottom of the screen.

Next, your carnival vehicle will then start to move horizontally. While moving, aim for the 500 and 1000 point bullseyes in the corner under the vultures’ tree. Clearing those will reveal 2000 point bullseyes.  Repeat this process until you hit the next screen.  Aim for the snakes in the center to rack up 2000 points. Also shoot the bullseyes at the bottom of the screen underneath the gophers for 500 and 1000 points.

The Mine Carts are the third stage of the Grand Finale. Try to hit ALL of the Mine Carts and 1000 point bats. The carts will start with 500 point values, clear those and then move to the 1000 point carts.  Next will be the 2000 point carts and then a few 5000 point carts. Your very last chance to score is the “Woody’s Bonus Roundup” in which a 500 point bullseye will pop up. Fire as fast as you can!! The bullseye will increase in point value the faster you shoot progressing from 500 to 1000 to 2000 points. It even hits 5,000 points if you are fast enough in knocking it down multiple times!

Our last piece of advice is a tough one to give…You can technically earn more points riding solo. Not having a companion to “compete” with can help you grab all the high value targets for yourself. This is the real secret for how some riders are able to earn over 500,000 points!

But going to Disney is a time best shared with family and friends. We enjoy playing together on the ride, so I know many of you will probably choose to do the same!

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Hope you have a great time on your next visit to Toy Story Mania!

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