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23 thoughts on “Ask us your Disney Travel Questions

  1. Could Tarzans parents be Adam’s, from beauty and the Beast, parents too? They left to start a new life because the son they had was too spoild. Tarzan and Adam have similar face structure and body build. Could this be possible? I dont believe Tarzan is Anna and Elsa’s little brother. The parents,from both movies, don’t look alike and Tarzan does’nt look anything like the king in Frozen .

  2. Do you happen to know why a lot of the resorts are unavailable February 5-10 2019? Is there a cheer competition or another event going that I should avoid going at this time?

  3. Is there a way that Tahiri Veila, along with Anakin solo or the other of Han Solo and Leia’s children, ever be in a Star Wars movie? I mean yes, Disney has changed Star Wars going away from the original story of it, I still think that there could be a way for it to happen. While in the most recent movie The Rise of Skywalker, it seems that the dark side has been destroyed forever, but Disney will probably make up some new villain or Sith Lord, that the Rebel alliance have to take down as well, so there could still be a chance, and the new villain could be another one of Han and Leia’s children as didn’t they turn to the dark side, even through that is in the original Star Wars, there could be a chance for Anakin and Tahiri to come out of hiding or whatnot Disney makes up, and turn them to good. I don’t know how it would play out, but I do know that it would please many fans of the original.

  4. When will the tickets be going on sale for the 2020 mickey s hallowee n party? We will be arriving in oct 2020. Thanks

  5. I will be at Disney world Oct 2020. Will they be bringing back the sleepy hollow event with the headless horseman?

  6. We are going to Disney in April. I have leftover hopper passes from 1992 and 1998. They still have days available and I intend to use them. We are staying on grounds at a resort. How can I book fastpasses or attach these passes to a magic band,?

  7. back in about 2013, i would go on disney.com and play the computer games all the time. there was one game in particular that i cant remember. It was like mannequins that you dressed up, but you could pick multiple people, and the girls’ feet would face each other, while the boys’ feet faced away from each other. they made a version of this game for Oz The Great And Powerful, but i cant find either anywhere. please help me.

  8. Please bring Disney plus to the country India . There are so many people in this country to watch Disney plus

  9. I’ve been trying to find out if mousercise ever came to Fort Polk Louisiana. in the 1980s maybe 84, 85,86 around that time frame I guess. Thanks in advance for any help and direction you can provide possibly thank you.

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  10. I’ve noticed it every time I’ve ridden a ride but what are the “side tracks” or “side tunnels” for on Disney rides? For example, on It’s a Small World, there is a side tunnel/track as soon as you enter the main ride area (to the right). Are these where the boats are kept or are they part of the ride if there is an expansion? Just curious.

  11. Hello, my name is Rodyna Mustafa, and I am 15 years old. I hope you accept me for acting in the movie Moana. I am good at English, acting and some singing. When you accept me, Disney will be one of the companies that achieve dreams and discover stars

  12. I’m trying to find the title from a movie in which a girl goes and studies piano to a classical music school, but ends up playing at a band who hates members of this school.

    Does anyone know the name of this movie?

  13. We have reservations for July 25th but they connected old tickets to our reservations. We need them to be removed and used on a later date. Please get back to me at debbieportner @yahoo.com or cal 215-264/3525. Thank you Debbie portner

  14. I am a 70 year old woman who wants to submit a love poem written in 1995 by my late husband. He wrote many poems and I wanted to have he poem written as a love story. Please direct me to who I should talk to? I may not live to get this done.

  15. Hi
    I downloaded the Disney channel. It said there was a free trial however in order to receive services I had to give payment information.
    What happened to the free trial?

  16. Hello this is zeriah the rabbid my dream was to make my characters become Disney characters well I want zeriah the rabbid to be a Disney character well sad news I have to wait 10 years to do that I’m still a child I just want my zeriah the rabbid be a disney character

  17. Hi it’s me again and what if my cartoon zeriah the rabbid be a disney cartoon I mean I’ve been wanting to have my cartoon zeriah the rabbid to be made in Disney but I was wondering if that can happen

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