REVIEW: Raya and the Last Dragon – A Perfect Film during Imperfect Times

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

It has been a week since Raya and the Last Dragon was released and millions have gotten the chance to watch the new movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Lead-ups and delays left a huge build-up that many Disney fans were afraid Raya would not be able to reach. When the official release date was established, Disney put their advertising into overdrive and made sure that Raya would be as big of a hit as it could possibly be.

So the question is: Did it work?

Answer: Yes. Raya, through trailers and commercials, had established itself as the feel-good film that 2021 needed. Many may have rolled their eyes at its maybe… too “on-the-nose” message. Is this film going to be a lecture of how we should be a society? Of course, the answer for that is yes, but the movie in itself takes on a path different than what can be anticipated. Raya doesn’t intend to unite her world through easy means – she is lead there with the help of Sisu and the variety of characters she meets along the way.

The visuals are stunning. The color palette of this film is not muted in the least. It changes and shines depending on the different settings, weather, and environment. The action sequences are quick but are pleasing to watch and not at all blurry. The majority of us may not have the ability to watch these films on a large screen at a movie theater. We have to make our own movie premiere experience and Raya managed to turn a humble living room into a cinema.

Raya, of course, had its predictable moments but overall, it arrived at the perfect time during imperfect circumstances.

Danielle H