What is the right age to take my child to Disney World?


This is a question that has a variety of different answers and depends on who you are asking. As a Disney Travel Planner and having booked several trips for children of different ages, I can tell you every guest has their different reasons for taking their children at specific ages.

The number one question I always ask when confronted with this question is “Do you plan on going back or is this a once in a lifetime trip?”

If this is a once in a lifetime trip and you probably won’t be returning to Disney World, I would suggest waiting until your child is about 8 to 10 years old. (and 48 inches tall). This age and height assures that your child will be old enough to remember the trip for years to come but also be tall enough to ride every ride in the Disney World theme parks.

If you plan on going back, I think this completely depends on the parents and the child. As someone who LOVES Disney and the parks, I brought my  daughters at 14 months and the other just a few weeks shy of her third birthday for the very first time. Why? well because they were FREE! My youngest daughter wasn’t walking and she napped quite easily in the stroller ( I have pictures to prove it!) and my oldest was so enthralled with the Disney magic and meeting her favorite princesses that we still talk about and look at pictures of this trip 3 years later. Does she remember every detail? No, but I do! It was about the memories we created and we have pictures for them to see. We have since gone back with them at 3 and 5 and will be heading back this year again at 4 and 6. Every trip is so different, they get tall enough for more rides, gain interest in new things ( they are ecstatic for Star Wars at Hollywood Studios this year) and we love creating Disney memories!

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect age! To be honest, any age is the perfect age. Disney has rides for everyone, even the tiniest guest in your family. No matter what age you go, remember you are making memories for a lifetime (even if you are the only one who will remember!) and will have stories and pictures to share for the years to come.

Would you like help planning your child’s first trip to Disney World? Contact me at jillian@mickeytravels.com or find me on Facebook. I would love to put together a trip of a lifetime and help your family create lasting Disney memories. Remember all my services are 100% FREE!

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