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Welcome to Chip and Co’s – You might be a Disney Addict Group. Your home for the best in Park & Travel News, Planning Tips, Questions & Answers and Much More!

This Disney Addiction all started with a Mouse named Mickey. I am sure we all find ourselves addicted to Disney in one way or another. From visiting the Disney Parks to decorating our houses and ourselves in Disney wear. This Disney Addiction never stops because of people like you who share your love of Disney.

As our group is getting larger and larger we have a few rules that we have added over the years to keep the group free of spam and drama. While we would love to not have any rules, with a group this large it is impossible to keep our fans safe and drama free.

Here is a list of rules we ask all Disney Addicts to follow if they would like to be a member of YMBADA.

LINK DROPPING: To make things easier on everyone the only links that will be allowed from now on are links from the Chip and Co Group of Websites. The following links are not allowed; Subscription, Reward or Craft sites (Etsy, Zulily, Groupon, etc.) are not allowed and WILL BE DELETED. This also includes other Disney and Non-Disney News sites, Facebook Groups, and other sites not affiliated with Chip and Co.

If you are found posting links you will be removed from the group and you will be able to rejoin once you familiarize yourself with the group rules, but your name will be added to a list and on a second occurrence you will be banned from the group. The same thing goes if you are writing out the link but avoiding FB turning it into a link, for example, writing out the name then putting . com.

Please keep in mind this group is an extension of the Chip and Co Group of Websites and Facebook Pages so before you think about linking to another site,  please check / there is a good chance it has already been talked about or posted on one of those sites, when in doubt PM one of the Admins.

NO SOLICITING or Advertising: In an effort to combat advertising and soliciting of sales and with new copyright laws and also in lieu of scams and thefts, please do not post items you are selling and then PM people who show an interest in your item. Comments saying you will PM someone or to Private Message you will be deleted. No money or exchange of goods will be allowed. This is not the place for you to make sales off of Disney Addicts.. If we find you doing it you will be REMOVED/BANNED from the group. This goes the same for advertising products you found or love. Unless it comes from Chip and Co or Disney we have no way of controlling if you get ripped off or not. If you do have items for sale I suggest checking out our Buy, Sell, Trade Group.

NO DRAMA: We like to keep the group drama free as much as possible. Sometimes threads will be deleted or locked if we see people trying to create drama or just being plain mean to other Disney Addicts. If we delete your thread please do not comment where your post went as that will be deleted as well. If you would like to know what happened to your post please message an admin. If you are found trying to create problems or if we feel you are not very magical we might remove you from the group. You are free to reapply to the group if we have been kicked. We do not discriminate against race, religion, or sexual orientation. Please be respectful to others is all that we ask and also No public shaming, you never know if who you’re posting about is a group member.

BLOCKING ADMINS – Please Do Not Block the YMBADA Admins on Facebook. Many times the admins will need to send you a message about a post and if you block us there is no way for us to communicate with you. Facebook tells us when you have blocked an admin so if we see that you have, you will be removed from the group.

NO CLOGGING/SPAMMING: Repeated or Excessive posts will be considered Spam and will be deleted. There are a few ways we can help with this. If you are for example on a Disney Vacation and want to share your incredible pics, please create an Album in the group and post all your pic’s there, or post 1 or 2 pic posts and then continue to share pics in the comment section of your posts. – If you have a lot of questions regarding trip planning or needing information then please use the following resources to help seek the answer you are looking for:

We just ask that if you are seeking feedback from the other DA’s to help plan your trips or seeking advice that you at least keep it to 2 maybe 3 Q&A posts per day to not clog the feed and that way everyone’s posts will have a chance at being seen.

POSTING: If you have to start a post with “Not sure this is allowed here”… or “I know this isn’t Travel/Disney related”… or anything similar to that, don’t post it, chances are is not allowed and it will get deleted. When in doubt, message an Admin and they will be more than happy to assist you with your posting inquiries. We are relaxing this rule to allow posts about Universal Studios, Sea World, and other Family Friendly Destinations (within reason). Again all this falls on the discretion of the admins of the group.

SPOILERS: Now we are all Disney Addicts here and I’m sure we all have more than just a love of Disney Parks. I’m sure we all share our love for Disney programming/shows/movies and we know that you all get pretty excited to post and share what you saw on the latest episodes of your favorite shows like OUAT (Once Upon a Time) just to name one, but we ask that when you do post something relating to what you’ve watched, that you please take all the DA’s into consideration, maybe they haven’t seen the episode yet, so please start your post with SPOILER with only a brief description of what you’re posting about and DO NOT give a spoiler on the main post, move it over to the comment section instead that way it’s a little more contained and you won’t ruin it for someone who hasn’t caught up yet.

Last but not least… WATERMARK PICS: If you share a Professional Pic in the group with a Photographer Watermark it will be deleted as that is a form of advertising/soliciting. The picture needs to be your own picture, not one you found on another site, group, etc. If you share someone else’s pic, it will get removed as that is considered a form of solicitation for that Photographers business and as mentioned before, there is no soliciting allowed and also we do not know if you have the necessary permissions to share the pic and nor Chip and Co or YMBADA will be held responsible for a pic being shared in the group without the prior consent of the pic owner. If you want to share one of your own pics but don’t want anyone stealing them, then just watermark it with your name, no site link. Also, no sharing in the group pics of another Disney site/blog. Remember this group is an extension of Chip and Co so please be respectful of that.

These are just some of the main rules of the YMBADA Group and while I would love to list out everything that is allowed and isn’t allowed that would be impossible. If you have any questions, just ask one of the Admins.

Sometimes we have those members who miss the group rules in the About section and ask where can they find the rules? Well, instead of directing you to the About section, we have created this File to make it easier to share with all the inquiring DA’s. As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to msg any of the Admin’s and we will be happy to assist.

There are hundreds of other groups throughout Facebook and if you don’t like the rules here please just remove yourself and find another. While we love all our fans if you are going to be a member of the group we only ask that you respect our rules to help make YMBADA a Magical place to share your love of all things Disney.

If you have any issues, again we ask that you please message an Admin. Have a Magical Day! ºoº

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