You have decided that you need a stroller for your little one during your magical Disney vacation, but you don’t want to lug your personal stroller from home and through the airport. No problem! Rental strollers are available both from Disney and from outside rental companies. Who should you rent from? I have some information to help you decide.


Stroller rental locations are available at all four Disney World parks, as well as Disney Springs, and both parks at Disneyland. At Disney World the strollers are only for use in the park that you rent them from and cannot be taken outside of the parks. So, if you are looking for a stroller to use just to move your little one around the park – this option may be for you. At Disneyland, since the park entrances are directly across from each other, rented strollers may be used in both parks – they cannot however be taken into the Downtown Disney area.

For Disney World and Disneyland strollers rented from an outside rental company can be delivered to and picked up from your Disney resort hotel or other area hotels free of charge. These strollers can be treated just like your own. Use “your’ stroller in the parks and stroll your sleepy little one to the bus stop before folding the stroller up for the bus ride back to your resort. Or for Disneyland to stroll your little one all of the way back to your hotel or to the parking lot.


Comfort and storage

The rental strollers from Disney World are a hard plastic and offer very little comfort of storage space. Those at Disneyland are a canvas material and offer slightly more storage space than those at Disney World. I have never used the strollers at Disneyland since we drive there from home, but they look much more comfortable than the plastic ones. If your child doesn’t mind a hard plastic seat and you want the convenience of just picking up your stroller at the park – renting from Disney is the best option.

Strollers from outside rental companies are usual City Minis or in some cases you can rent a jogging stroller. These strollers offer both storage space and comfort. They are in most cases probably like the stroller that your little one is used to from home which will help to eliminate some meltdowns.



Cost is the real determining factor for me!

Disney World has the option to rent by day or two rent for the length of your stay and return each day with your receipt to pick up your stroller. A single stroller will cost $15 per day or $13 per day (length of stay). A double stroller will cost $31 per day or $27 per day (length of stay).

At Disneyland only single strollers are available. One single stroller will cost $15 per day and two single strollers will cost $25 per day.

From an outside rental company the cost is not per day, but per group of days (example: 1-3, 4-7, 8-10). For an outside rental company’s stroller in Orlando 1-3 days will cost $45 total. For one in Anaheim for 1-3 nights is will cost between $30- $60.

For a quick price comparison we’ll look at Disney rental and an outside rental in Orlando for 5 days. The cost for a single stroller from Disney would be $75 total if paid per day and $65 total if paid per length of stay. The total for a single stroller for the 5 days from an outside company would be $65. However, the more days add the more the cost – especially through Disney. (For a 10 day stay it would be $150 or $130 through Disney and $85 through an outside company.

For Disneyland we’ll look at a Disney rental and an outside rental in Anaheim for 4 days. The cost for a single stroller from Disney would be $60. The total from an outside company for the 4 days would be between $55 and $75. ($75 being for a jogging stroller.)

Strollers can be a lifesaver at Disney. On average a family will walk about 8 miles a day while in the parks. That’s a lot of walking! Even my feet are tired by the end of the day. So, unless your child is used to walking more than a few miles a day they will be tired before the day comes to an end. I personally think that it is acceptable for kids as old as 6 to still use a stroller, at least here and there to rest their feet, while at Disney.

I speak from experience when I say that having a stroller at Disney, World or Land, certainly makes things easier. Not only do they make it so that you can rest your arms and put your child down for a while, they also provide a spot for those that still nap in the afternoon to do so, and they allow you to store your backpack (or other park bag) while you’re walking around – those bags get heavy after a while.

Do you rent your stroller from Disney or from an outside vendor? Let us know in the comment box!

Whether you rent your stroller from Disney or from an outside rental company, you will be happy that you have one. Let’s start planning how you’re going to tire your little one out so that you can put that stroller to use! Contact me at miriyawhitaker@worldofmagictravel.com!



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  1. Buy an umbrella stroller at the local Walmart for $15 and save yourself a ton. Even if you have to get a taxi to go to Walmart from the resort you’ll still save money and as an added bonus souvenirs are much cheaper at Walmart then they are in the parks. At the end of your stay pass the stroller on to another couple coming in with young kids and you’ll save them a ton of money so it works as a wonderful pay it forward that adds value to your vacation!

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