The History in Disney's Contemporary Resort

I have been fascinated with the Contemporary Resort located on Walt Disney World property since the first time I stepped foot on Disney property and it’s not because of the close proximity to the Magic Kingdom, although that is a huge plus!

No, I first fell in love with this resort by just the overall look of the resort! It is has a fun shape to the resort and the monorail runs right through the middle of the resort! I mean, how, why, so many questions!! My love then increased for the resort when I watched a documentary about the resort where they used a crane to put each tractor-trailer size resort room into each section. They just slid them right in. It was so cool! Let’s take a look back at a little history of this fun resort.

Main Resort

The History in Disney's Contemporary Resort

Disney’s Contemporary Resort is one of two of the main resorts that opened in conjunction with the Magic Kingdom in 1971. Today, guests often refer to this resort as “The Monorail Hotel” or “The Tomorrowland Hotel”. In fact, “The Tomorrowland hotel” speaks volumes to the fact the Imagineers actually wanted a futuristic-feeling to the resort with its design element. The Imagineers drew a lot of inspiration for this resort from cruise ships which is why each interior guest room has a lobby view looking down on the monorail traveling through the center of the resort. Fun fact, the Disney monorail was the first in history monorail carrying guests that would stop, but also pass directly over a lobby packed with guests.

Nixon Conference

US History enthusiast might already know this, but I am just learning of this myself! The famous Watergate Presser was broadcast live from Disney’s Contemporary Resort. During the midst of the scandal, Nixon took a vacation. It was on the way back that he made a stop at the Contemporary for a press conference that was the most infamous in US History. It is here where he made one of the most famous quotes of all time, “I am not a crook” while responding to the allegations of Watergate and tax return fraud.

The Resort Today

The History in Disney's Contemporary Resort

The Contemporary Resort, like most resorts, has undergone many transformations over the year that make the resort what it is today. Including the additions of the ever-popular Chef Mickey’s, Outer Rim, and the Contempo Café where guests can enjoy lavish, unforgettable meals or relaxing, good-hearted fun during their stay. The last fun fact, Disney’s Contemporary Resort is the only resort that is within walking distance to the Magic Kingdom. So once guests have enjoyed their delicious meals, or just checking out the resort in general, they can then walk over to the most magical place on earth!

What do you think of the most iconic hotel? Have you stayed here? Are you hoping to stay here? Tell us in the comments!

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