The Perfect Disney Gift Combo – For Under $50!

STOP YOUR ONLINE SHOPPING! Empty those carts folks – because I have found it. The ultimate perfect Disney-themed gift combo for everyone on your shopping list – behold the glory of the Google Home Mini – with Mickey Otterbox Mount

The Google Home Mini itself is a pretty cool device – it answers questions about weather, news, and sports, and it can remind you of calendar events and much more. You can shop with it, learn from it, use it as a speaker, and basically boss it around as if it were your personal assistant (something I would love – as I can be a tad bossy, and love schedules and lists!). Kids can ask it things too, and listen to stories and jokes, play games with it, and much more

…And when you pair the Google Home Mini with the super adorable Mickey Otterbox Speaker Mount – you’ve got a match made in Christmas Gift Giving Heaven for any and all Disney lovers on your list! The Mount has a non-slip base, and makes it even easier to interact with the device. Plus – it’s THE CUTEST THING EVER

Buy the Otterbox mount Here
Buy the Google Home Mini Here
**Please note – the above links are where I was able to locate the items at press time – the Google Home Mini is available at a similar price at many stores/online retailers, but the Otterbox mount is a bit harder to come by – both Shop Disney and the official Otterbox site have it on backorder – but Barnes & Noble had it in stock online, and in some (not all) of the stores near me – so check online before you head to the store for updates on stock availability!

I sure hope my husband and Santa are reading this…HINT HINT

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