Top 5 Movie Sequels Disney Needs to Make

Disney movies are one of the things getting us through the pandemic. Disney has been all about the live-action movies lately, but there are some fantastic Disney animated films that we would love to see sequels to! Here are the top 5 movies we need Disney to make and soon.


Zootopia follows a rookie bunny cop, Judy Hopps, as she solves a mystery all while befriending the sly fox Nick Wilde. Nick ends up joining the police academy at the end and teaming up with Judy. How great would it be to have a sequel following their adventures as official partners? We’d love to see more of the different regions of Zootopia and what kind of shenanigans this pair might get into!


Disney hasn’t given us a full-length movie sequel to Tangled but there is a short called Tangled Ever After that shows Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding. There is also a TV series called Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure. But we need more! Tangled still has a lot of stories left to tell about Rapunzel’s journey to becoming the ruler of Corona. And who wouldn’t want to see how Eugene evolves from thief to King?


Make way! Moana essentially saved the world when she restored the heart of Tefiti and her people are voyagers again. We would love to see a sequel showing us how Moana does when she becomes the leader of her people and what other lands they might discover. Maybe Maui could show up again to help defeat a new threat? Who wouldn’t love to see more Maui?!

Big Hero 6

Just like Tangled, Big Hero 6 did get a TV series on the Disney Channel. What most don’t know, though, is that Big Hero 6 is based on a comic book series that’s honestly pretty different from the Disney version. A sequel could go in so many different directions! It might be interesting to fast-forward to years later when Hiro has turned 18 and graduates college. And who wouldn’t LOVE a plot twist being that Tadashi is still alive? (We didn’t actually see him die!)

Inside Out

You think moving to a new place as a kid creates intense emotions? Try being a teenager! We need Disney to give us a sequel with Riley experiencing the complex and crazy emotions of teenage life. Learning to drive, her first love, being popular (or not), there are so many options here!

What Disney animated movie would you love to see a sequel for?

Photo Credit: Disney