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Taking the whole family to Walt Disney World is quite the undertaking – it involves plenty of planning and prep – and when it comes to the kids, you want to make sure you’re prepared for pretty much any and all scenarios that can occur while you’re away. That means – asking yourself the very important question – do my kids need a stroller for our Walt Disney World Trip? And if your answer is YES (which, I always think it should be yes – as I am a strong advocate for stroller use at Disney, it makes everyone’s lives MUCH easier), then the next thing you have to decide is – what stroller should I bring? It might seem as simple as “ok, I can just bring the one I have/use at home” – but believe it or not, there are LOTS of options out there, so read on to find out what your stroller options are for your WDW trip:

Bring Your Own: Obviously like I already mentioned, this is of course an option, and for some the most practical one – you’re used to it and how it operates/folds up, it’s familiar to your little one, and they will be most comfortable in it. I would like to point out a few small drawbacks though – the first being if it’s a common make/model, everyone else will likely have the same one parked outside all the Disney Rides, so finding yours might get tricky. Additionally, dragging it through the airport and gate checking it and all of that can be a pain (although most airlines to allow you to bring them on without a fee, so that’s a plus!). Oh – and this option is free, so – that’s a huge benefit, too!

Rent One: This option is appealing for a lot of reasons – the main one being you don’t have to get it to Walt Disney World, as it’s already there waiting for you! You can rent through Disney (single and double strollers), or you can rent from an outside vendor like Kingdom Strollers, who offers a variety of makes and models in single and double versions – and will have your rental waiting for you when you arrive at your Disney Resort. Downside to that being – you have to leave it at the Resort when you head back to the airport, so you won’t have it to help get through the airport. BUT – small price to pay for not having to haul it everywhere with you I think

Buy One: This one might seem a bit outlandish, as you’re probably thinking “I have spent enough money on this trip already, now you’re telling me to BUY a stroller JUST for Disney?” – but stay with me here. I personally made the bold move of purchasing the GB Pockit Stroller after much online research and reading of reviews – based on what I read, it supposedly was the world’s smallest stroller, and could fold up into a backpack. Well, I can honestly say it surpassed all of my expectations and was a perfect fit for us for Disney. It was a lifesaver – small enough to be packed up into a backpack when we went on rides or didn’t need it, and sturdy enough to support my large 3 year old comfortably. To me, what sold me on it was it’s packability – since I was able to put it into a regular size backpack, that meant I didn’t have to leave it outside with the sea of other strollers present at every Disney ride ever, I could just tote it everywhere I went – which I DID and it was AMAZING. You can buy it on amazon (like I did), or Target carries it in store now (red card discount anyone?!)
*Side Note – I am in no way shape or form being paid by the people who make this stroller, this is 100% my own opinion and of course I am not encouraging you to go spend over $100 on a new stroller, but I do want to express how much it really helped us out!

Buying a new expensive stroller obviously isn’t for everyone, so another idea is to buy a used one off Craigslist or from a garage sale, or you can purchase a cheaper umbrella style stroller like this one, or they can be purchased cheaply at stores like Walmart as well. While they won’t allow you to bring them on Rides with you, they are light and small and pretty easy to carry around overall

Traveling with young kids can be a challenge, and they require a lot of stuff (check out my article on the toddler must have’s you will want to make sure you bring along!) – but at the end of the day, it’s worth it to see their little faces light up when they see Cinderella’s Castle for the first time, or when they get to meet Mickey and get his autograph. I highly recommend you utilize a stroller as their mode of transportation for when you’re touring the Parks, it will make life a lot easier on you (and on the little ones, too!)

What Are My Stroller Options For Disney World? 2

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