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What do I do if I Can’t Find my Car at Walt Disney World?

Can't Find Car Disney World

Even though Disney World Resorts include various shared transportation options on property, as well as to and from the airport for your stay, many people visit the parks in a personal vehicle. These guests may be staying off-property or are those guests staying on site who simply prefer to drive themselves to the parks in a personal vehicle. If you have your own car on your visit and choose to drive to the parks, you will end up navigating the immense parking lots at the Disney World theme parks.

There is a full team of cast members who work in the parking lots to ensure that guests are safely and efficiently parked and make it to their destination. Once you have entered through the parking lot gates, and have paid your parking fee if you are staying off-site, you will be directed to your exact parking spot by a series of friendly staff sending you on your way.

While the parking process is straightforward, the lots are HUGE and it’s really important to PAY ATTENTION to where your car is located when you park your car. Even if you are sure that someone in your group will remember where your car is parked at the end of your day, take it from me, everyone in your group could forget. I am speaking from personal experience that when you are hot and tired many hours later, it is so easy to lose track of your vehicle.

Can't Find Car Disney World
Tired kids on the tram aren’t great help at finding your car!

Pro tip: snap a quick picture of your row number on your phone as you are head to the tram or walking path to the park. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just get the name of your section and your row number in the frame. I frequently take the pic and don’t even stop walking.

Can't Find Car Disney World
Parking lot section and number at the end of each row

If you do happen to lose your car in a Disney theme park parking lot, and no amount of beeping your car alarm on your key fob is helping you locate it, no worries. Cast members are available and ready to help. Head back to where the trams drop guests off to return to their vehicles. You are sure to find a cast member attending the area.

Once you have located someone and let them know you can’t find your car, they will ask you to provide your best recollection of when you arrived at the park. Parking lot cast members keep detailed logs of the time at which each section and row of the massive parking lot was filled. Once they give you your section and approximate row number, this will allow you to get close enough to where the old car alarm key fob trick will do the job, and you will be on your way in no time.

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