What is the best camera to bring with you to Disney?

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20141017 1104581

Question: What type of camera should I bring to Disney?

Answer: Any type! Well, except a professional one, as they’re not permitted. There are 3 common types of cameras that I see at Disney Parks. There are pros & cons to each.

#1. Digital Point & Shoot: These are the 35mm cameras that range between $50-$150 that have digital view screens and those tiny memory cards inside, such as Kodak or Vivitar.

Pros: They are small and can fit in a pocket or purse, they store a lot of photo’s with a 16 gigabyte memory card, and anyone, even kids, can use them easily to help you take pictures.

Cons: They take horrible night-time or dimly lit photos, action shots are usually blurry or out of focus, because you have to switch “modes” for different shots, such as sports, portrait, etc. The battery life doesn’t last very long, especially if you use it for videos and they are the culprits of the dreaded red-eye.

#2. The Digital SLR: These are the Nikon’s and Canon’s with the big lenses attached,  that people carry around on straps. Most SLR owners have no idea how to use all the functions properly (myself included) and it can be confusing.

Pros: The obvious, GREAT photos! The pictures turn out semi-professional, clear, and in focus. They have faster shutter speeds to avoid blur,  and are great for night-time shots, even fireworks. Most SLR’s have a function that auto-selects the best function for your scene. They have better zoom capabilities too.

Cons: Carrying it around all day is a pain. Lens cap, external flash, charger, camera bag…too much to carry! The straps can hurt your neck or shoulder. I wouldn’t want to pass my $500+ camera to a stranger to take a family photo (which might not turn out, unless they are familiar with SLR cameras)

#3. The Smartphone: Every phone these days has a camera/video camera. Whether you need a quick Google search, “what is Snow White’s Prince’s name?” or  to check your reservation time on MyDisneyExperience, the phone is the ultimate all-in-one resource at Disney.

Pros: It is small, has auto settings for flash, scenes, motion, and is easy to navigate. Everyone can use it (even 4 year olds) and you can instantly share pics on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Cons: Every cell-users nightmare: the dead battery! There are ways around this catastrophe though! I use an external charger. For about $10 you can get one the size of a lipstick and charge your phone on the go. Phones are fragile! Invest in a good case.

I personally use my phone at Disney as my camera because of the size, convenience, and to share photos online. I think the pics from my Galaxy S III turned out great, especially our “selfies!” I suggest purchasing Memory Maker so that you can also get high-quality, professional shots and attraction photos too. I cherish our Memory Maker shots so much because all 4 of us  are in the photos, as nobody had to be behind the camera.

Do you have any photography tips for Disney travelers? Where is your favorite spot to take a photo at a Disney Park? Ours is in front of the Castle, of course!

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