Where can I find the best route to take for resort hopping?

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Q: Is there an app, blog, or article that will tell me the best transportation and route to use for resort hopping?

A: Discovering this answer can be challenging. There are blogs out there that will direct you, but they all seem to say something different. There is an app or two (not Disney sponsored) for WDW transportation, but they are not terribly reliable (which is sad, because so many cities and universities now have apps that will help with transportation – maybe Disney will catch up soon!).

Below are links to some articles I wrote about resort crawls that may help with the transportation question. Generally speaking, you cannot take a WDW transportation bus from one resort to another, nor can you take one from Downtown Disney (Disney Springs) to a park, or vice versa.  So, buses travel from park to resort and back, but not from park to park.

Resorts along the monorail line can be accessed via monorail. And there are ferry boats and Friendship boats that will take you from some resorts to some parks, or in some cases stop at other resorts.

Click the links below to learn how I resort crawl at Walt Disney World:


If you’ve discovered a wonderful route, or a wonderful app to help with this, please share it with us!

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