10 Must-See Magical Details of Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

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Hiya Pal! Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Pack your bags because we’re heading to the amazing Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort! In true Disney fashion, the new Zootopia land is packed full of hidden details, and we have 10 of them compiled here for you!

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zootopia barber shop

1. Baaaaa-rilliant Barber Shop

First stop, the Baaaaa-rber Shop! This isn’t just any barber shop – it’s run by sheep for sheep! If you look closely at the store displays, you can see the sheep taking the wool they trim and turning it into clothes! Reduce, reuse, and look fabulous!

zootopia land 2

2. Super Fan Easter Eggs

Attention, Disney Parks enthusiasts! Keep your eyes peeled for a quirky enchanted sign near Mane Street. Love tiki bars? The residents of Zootopia do too! Plus, spot a special movie poster in Zootopia: Hot Pursuit’s queue, inspired by EPCOT’s Living with the Land. Neat, huh?

zootopia land 4

3. Ground-Level Surprises

Why look up when there’s so much to see on the ground? From a fox and mouse-painted crosswalk to a Zootopia Public Works manhole cover, there’s a whole world at your feet. Don’t miss the tiny cars and strollers tailored for different animal sizes!

zootopia land 5

4. A Bank for Every Animal

In Zootopia, even lemmings have their own bank! A careful review of the bank exterior shows doors of all sizes for various animals. And hey, you can grab a Magic Medallion from the ATM – a perfect souvenir!

zootopia land 6

5. Familiar Faces on Billboards

Big Hero 6 and Frozen fans, rejoice! Keep an eye out for billboards featuring these Disney favorites. Remember Duke Weaselton’s bootleg movies in Zootopia? You’ll find them here!

zootopia land 7

6. Gazelle Mania

Zootopia loves Gazelle, and so do we! Spot Gazelle-themed laundry and memorabilia, especially around Officer Clawhauser’s desk. It’s like a mini-museum for Gazelle fans!

zootopia land 8

7. Jumbo Fun at Jumbeaux’s Cafe

Jumbeaux’s Cafe is larger than life! With elephant foot-shaped architecture and railings like the treats they sell, it’s a must-see. Don’t forget to snap a pic with the elephant-sized stools.

zootopia land 9

8. Wacky Traffic Signs

Get ready to giggle at Zootopia’s unique traffic signs. “No grazing” and “merging mammals” signs are just a few of the fun versions you’ll find here. Keep an eye out for these quirky signs!

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zootopia land 10

9. Judy and Nick’s Office Peek

Ever wondered what Judy and Nick’s offices look like? Now’s your chance to find out in the queue of Zootopia: Hot Pursuit. Nick’s tropical shirt and photos of Judy’s family await you!

zootopia land 11

10. Otterly Charming Flower Shop

Emmitt Otterton’s Flower Shop is as cute as it gets, with otter-shaped windows and gorgeous flowers. Next door, Mrs. Otterton’s Tea Otter features an otter in a teacup sign. So otterly adorable!

From hidden details to playful surprises, there’s something for everyone at Shanghai Disney Resort’s new Zootopia themed land!

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