10 Must-Try Pixar-Themed Sweet Treats at Disneyland

Disneyland Pixar Treats

Pixar Fest is in full swing over at Disneyland and with it comes a delectable range of wonderful sweet treats inspired by many of the characters from your favorite Disney•Pixar films.  There are so many wonderful confections to sink your teeth into that coming up with a list of 10 of our favorites was pretty tricky.  Be sure to tuck into some of these mouth-watering goodies during your next visit to Disneyland or Disney California Adventure. You won’t be sorry.

1. Buttercup Apple – Candy Palace – Disneyland – (pictured above) This delightful homage to the lovable Buttercup from “Toy Story 3” will only be available until June 22nd so pick yours up while you can.  This gorgeous and playful treat is dipped in white chocolate and decorated with marshmallows, yellow sugar, pink chocolate and comes with a corn chip horn!

Pixar Fest Treats

2. Coco Churro – Frontierland-Disneyland – No Disneyland sweet treats list would be complete with this iconic snack.  As you stroll through Frontierland, be sure to stop at the churro cart and snatch up one of these Pixar-themed treats.  The Coco Churro is made up of a chocolate churro with vanilla bean dust and salted cinnamon sugar. It comes with a dipping sauce made with spiced Mexican chocolate.

Pixar Fest Treats

3. Russell Cake Pop- Candy Palace – Disneyland – Available starting on June 23rd.  How can you not be won over by the absolute cuteness of this cake pop.  It will be available when Pixar Pier officially opens on June 23rd and will be dipped in yellow chocolate, decorated with white chocolate, orange sugar, and small round candy-coated chocolates made to look like Russell’s Wilderness Explorer badges!

Pixar Fest Treats

3. Little Green Alien Macarons – Alien Pizza Planet – Disneyland – Head on over to Tomorrowland for an out-of-this-world treat featuring the loveable aliens from the Toy Story films.  This treat is made up of a delicious lime macaron with blueberry filling.  They pair perfectly with the strawberry and sour apple slushes that you’ll find at the same location.

Pixar Fest Treats

4. Baby Dory and Nemo Cake Pops – Pooh Corner – Disneyland – How adorable are these wee treats being served up in Critter Country!? The Baby Dory version is made up of chocolate cake dipped in white chocolate and decorated with blue sugar, white and dark chocolate and sour belts. The Nemo version is dipped in white chocolate and decorated with orange sugar, small round candy-coated chocolates, white and dark chocolate and sour belts. Can’t decide which one you like better? Why not try them both?

Pixar Fest Treats

5. Mint Chip Shake – Schmoozie’s – Disney California Adventure Park – Calling all milkshake lovers and Monsters Inc. fans, you’ll definitely want to treat yourself to this beautiful shake being served up at Hollywood Land.  This Mink Chip shake is covered in Whip Cream and drizzled with the colors of Sulley!

Pixar Fest Treats

6. Tow Mater Apple and Lightning McQueen Apple – Trolley Treats- California Adventure – Seek out this Buena Vista Street sweet shop for these two delightful candy apples themed after your favorite characters from “Cars.”  The Tow Mater version is dipped in milk chocolate, dusted in orange powder and decorated with mini-marshmallow headlights, chewy chocolate candy, marshmallow wheels, white and dark chocolate, and small round candy-coated chocolates. The Lightning McQueen variety is dipped in red chocolate and decorated with red sugar, marshmallow wheels, white and dark chocolate, sour belts, and small round candy-coated chocolates. We guarantee that either one will make you say Ka’Chow. They are available through until June 22nd.

Pixar Fest Treats

7. Root Beer Float – Golden Horseshoe – Disneyland – For the ultimate Pixar Fest take-home treat, head over to this Frontierland eatery and order a Root Beer Float Woody-style!  For $17.49 you can fill a replica of Woody’s boot with ice cream and your choice of Coca Cola or Root Beer.  Disney has spared no details with the bottom of the boot sporting Andy’s signature.  This is a must-have for Disney collectors.

Pixar Fest Treats

8. Mike Wazowski Crisped Rice Treat – Trolley Treats – Disney California Adventure – A crispy treat inspired by this lovable green monster can now be found in Hollywood Land.  This snack is dipped in green chocolate and decorated with white and dark chocolate, blue sugar, chewy chocolate candy horns, and small round candy-coated chocolates.

Pixar Treats

9. Pixar Lemon Raspberry Cake – Plaza Inn (Disneyland), Pacific Wharf Cafe (California Adventure), Paradise Garden Grill (California Adventure) –  This dessert draws its inspiration from the Pixar logo and is made up of layers of lemon, blue, vanilla and red velvet sponge cakes with raspberry puree and cream cheese frosting.  Each slice is topped with a chocolate half-dome featuring the iconic Pixar Ball.


Pixar Fest Treats

10. Grape Soda Cake Pop – Candy Palace (Disneyland), Pooh Corner (Disneyland), Trolley Treats (California Adventure), Marceline’s Confectionary (Downtown Disney) –  Inspired by the heartwarming Disney•Pixar film “Up” this colorful cake pop is covered in white chocolate and purple sugar and provides the perfect little indulgence.

This is just a mere handful of the incredible goodies you’ll find at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure during Pixar Fest.  Keep following along with Disney Addicts for the latest Disneyland tips and tricks and our sister site Chip and Co. for the latest Pixar Fest news and updates!

10 Must-Try Pixar-Themed Sweet Treats at Disneyland 1

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