10 Underrated Attractions at the Disneyland Resort

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10 Underrated Attractions at the Disneyland Resort

Some rides at Disneyland are incredibly popular, often becoming top priorities. However, amidst the rush of a typical day, many underrated attractions tend to get overlooked. Here are my top ten favorite underrated attractions at the Disneyland Resort that you shouldn’t miss!

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Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough

Did you know you can go inside Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland? Explore winding passageways where the epic tale of Princess Aurora is told through spellbinding dioramas. Inspired by the film’s original Eyvind Earle artwork, this iconic attraction features 3-dimensional displays, sound and stunning special effects. Don’t miss the climactic final scene, when Maleficent transforms into a fire-breathing dragon.

circus train

Casey Jr. Circus Train

Ride the rails aboard a festive circus train pulled by brave little engine Casey Jr.—from the classic Disney animated movie Dumbo. Wend your way over happy hills and through verdant valleys to behold familiar dwellings and villages—amazingly rendered in miniature scale. It’s especially fun to ride in one of the animal cages with your own little animals (your children)!


Storybook Land Canal Boats

Another attraction in Fantasyland where you can see miniature versions of iconic Disney story buildings is the Storybook Land Canal Boats!

The Storybook Land Canal Boats offer an enchanting journey through miniature homes and villages inspired by classic Disney movies. Accommodating up to 12 people per boat, you’ll glide through Storybook Land as your guide shares the captivating stories behind each meticulously crafted cottage, town, and palace. The extraordinary attention to detail in this realm is a testament to Disney’s magic, providing a truly enchanting experience suitable for all ages.


Pinocchio’s Daring Journey

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey, a timeless dark ride in Fantasyland, is frequently missed by guests rushing towards Peter Pan. Since the late 1970s, this attraction has been captivating visitors with its winding journey through the tale of Pinocchio, as you navigate twists and turns aboard a woodcarver’s cart.


Silly Symphony Swings

Feel the exhilaration of soaring through the air on this timeless ride, granting you panoramic views of the bustling park below. As melodious tunes fill the air and the vibrant canopy spins, your swing ascends, tilts, and whirls you in a delightful dance, elevating you to new heights with each joyful turn.

Silly Symphony Swings adds an exciting twist to the joy of the 1935 cartoon “The Band Concert.” In this beloved short, Mickey Mouse takes on the role of a frantic conductor, determined to keep his orchestra playing despite being swept into the sky by a tornado. Embark on your own whirlwind adventure, set to the iconic “William Tell Overture” from the cartoon, as you swing high above the ground.


Golden Zephyr

Climb aboard a futuristic gondola for a nostalgic journey back in time. Transport yourself to an era when movie matinees and pulp novels transported audiences to thrilling tales of heroes battling alien invaders in sleek silver spacecraft.

Each Golden Zephyr embodies the essence of vintage sci-fi with its quadruple stabilizer fins, gold and chrome accents, running lights, and underbelly strobes. As you ascend into the sky and orbit around an ornate red tower, let your imagination soar to distant galaxies for the ultimate adventure among the stars!

mark twain

Mark Twain Riverboat

Step aboard a traditional steam-powered ship for a half-mile voyage into the heart of the American frontier.

During the charming, 14-minute trip around Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island, spot delightful sights along the river’s edge, including: 

  • The north bank of the Columbia Gorge, complete with a beautiful waterfront and 5 sparkling waterfalls 
  • A rustic frontier cabin 
  • An idyllic Native American village 
  • A busy beaver at work chewing on the train trestle 
  • Mountain lions relaxing in the sun 
  • The Disneyland Railroad steaming into the wilderness 

Along the way, hear lively narration about a time gone by.

red car

Red Car Trolley

The Red Car Trolleys are inspired by the iconic Pacific Electric Railway trolleys, which traversed the Los Angeles area from 1887 to 1961, boasting over 1,000 miles of operational track. Take a ride and relax while taking in the sights of Disney California Adventure.

Trolleys run continuously between the following locations:

  • Buena Vista Street near the Disney California Adventure Park Main Entrance
  • Carthay Circle across from Carthay Circle Restaurant
  • Hollywood Boulevard near the Disney Animation building
  • Sunset Boulevard near the Hyperion Theater

Disneyland Monorail

Experience breathtaking, unparalleled vistas during this timeless 2.5-mile, 13-minute round-trip excursion. Soar above Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, catching glimpses of the magnificent Matterhorn Bobsleds. Glide over Grizzly Peak, Buena Vista Street, and Hollywood Land within Disney California Adventure Park. Speed through Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and the bustling Downtown Disney District.


Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, a distinguished “dark ride” attraction from the original 1955 Opening Day in Fantasyland, remains exclusive to the Disneyland Resort. Inspired by scenes from Disney’s film “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad,” it brings the world of Wind in the Willows to life.

Guests embark on a journey through Toad Hall aboard a two-person buggy, immersing themselves in the thrilling elements of a wild dark ride, complete with a surprising trip to Hell! Yes, you read that correctly. This ride is truly one-of-a-kind and a classic experience that shouldn’t be overlooked. Rest assured, most children don’t seem to grasp the significance of that part of the ride. Even after years of visits, my son hasn’t made the connection.

What attraction at Disneyland do you think is underrated?

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