Turning red

Turning Red is the latest Pixar movie everyone is talking about! And how could they not, is an amazing film filled with nostalgia and a great message.

The movie takes us back to 2002, when a lot of us were teenagers going through puberty and dealing with a lot of changes. It also teach you that changing is good, is part of growing up and even if sometimes we might disappoint others, we have to stay true to ourselves and do what makes us happy.

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Turning Red is also filled with easter eggs! Like in every Pixar movie, looking for little hidden things is part of the experience. We put together a list of some you might have missed, take a look:


Turning Red

At the beginning of the movie when Mei is running home from school, we can see the Bao Restaurant in honor of the Pixar short Bao!


Turning Red

Another Pixar short character making an appearance is Purl! You can see her behind Mei in her desk right next to her Tamagotchi!


Turning Red

Keeping the Pixar shorts homage, on the notebook Mei is trying to hide from her mom, we can see a sticker of a bunny, that’s from the Pixar short Burrow.


Turning Red

Admit it, we all had an obsession with vampires at some point, specially when the Twilight saga came out. In the movie, Priya is seen carrying a “Nightfall” book that looks very familiar.


Turning Red

We know is no surprise that Pixar always hides little easter eggs from upcoming movies, in this case we can see a nod to Lightyear! Checkout Miriam’s skateboard, you can see the Buzz Lightyear star command logo and the little kitty that will go with Buzz on many adventures!


Turning Red

In the bathroom scene after ED, we can spot a little Nemo sticker on the bathroom door.


Turning Red

The Pizza Planet truck is a must when it comes to easter eggs, here you can clearly see it when Mei in her panda form is rushing to get to the 4-Town concert.


Turning Red

When the girls are on the roof at Tyler’s party, you can see the Pixar ball floating on the pool!


This one was a hard one to spot, but when Mei starts to get boy crushes, we can see this guy is wearing a Escapula t-shirt, this is rock band from Coco!


Turning Red
Turning Red

The early 00’s where huge in pop culture, if you were a teen back then, you were for sure obsessed with at least one boy band. 4-Town might remind you to the Backstreet Boys, just look at the concert with their outfits, flying on stage and if you paid close attention, even the choreography might look familiar, did anyone say “everybody!!”



Another classic easter egg is the famous A113. In case you didn’t know, this number is a classroom where many animators used to take classes at CalArts! In the movie we can find it on the concert tickets.

Turning Red

We can also see it in the chalk cart Mei’s dad Jin uses to create the circle at the stadium.


Turning Red

Looks familiar? Is the same food you see in Mulan!


Wondering why those merman drawings looked familiar? Probably because you saw something similar in Luca!



Now this is not a Disney easter egg, but is a little thank you for the systems department at Pixar that made possible for everyone that worked in this movie to do it safely from home!

So next time you watch Turning Red on Disney+, see if you can spot all of the easter eggs! Did we missed any? Let us know!

Credit: Pixar

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