4 Reasons to Binge-Watch The Imagineering Story on Disney+

Imagineering Story Walt 750x400
Imagineering Story Walt 750x400

Imagineering Story

Whilst everyone has been consumed with the fan-favorite that is The Mandalorian, Disney+ has produced another gem that may be overlooked. The Imagineering Story has captured Disney diehards and documentary fans alike. A glimpse at the history of Disney Parks may be what pulls viewers in, but the real story is in watching the beloved Imagineering Department struggle for survival. Through the untimely death of Walt Disney, change in management and company interests, the Imagineering Department shows amazing resilience, brilliance, and unparalleled creativity.  If that alone does not capture your interest, here are some other reasons you should sit down during this holiday season and enjoy the brilliance that is The Imagineering Story.

  1. Favorite Ride Facts
    • Some of the park’s most classic and famous rides get to be center stage. Lucky fans will get to see behind the scene footage of what it takes to create rides from conception to execution. Long hours, seemingly impossible deadlines, the Imagineers forge ahead to create the unforgettable rides you know and love today. The Matterhorn, a Disneyland favorite, is a focal point in part of the first episode. For Haunted Mansion fans, the second episode may have something for you as well!
  2. The People Behind the Magic
    • One of the best parts of this series is the Imagineers themselves. It is the Imagineering Story after all! Ride creators, long time Imagineers, cast members – all speak out about their experiences and memories of creating important parts of the park. Some share touching stories of making their mark in the company, others speak of overcoming roadblocks and company difficulty. Regardless of the topic, every story told is educational and inspiring. Putting the face on the people that make so much enjoyment for millions of people every year is a gift on its own within the documentary.
  3. The Science of a Park
    • Creating a theme park is no easy feat. Creating a successful theme park is even more difficult. The docuseries goes into the failures and successes into creating not just one, but multiple successful parks without losing the touch of what makes a Disney park special. Rides change with the times, parks are tailored by culture, and each detail has to be thought out in order for an attraction to succeed. If you are concerned that the documentary will sugar-coat the companies failures, they are in fact highlighted and echoed with words of caution spoken by Walt Disney himself.
  4. Walt’s Influence
    • Walt Disney passed away over 50 years ago, but his influence in this documentary and the company is glaringly obvious. After his death, his presence was a driving factor of what to pursue creatively. What Would Walt Do? As more time passed between his death, the company needed to move forward, but always carried the ideas of whether Walt would be proud of the innovations and decisions made. Multiple CEO’s throughout the docuseries mention the importance of Walt and the future of the company that Walt built. Though it has been over 50 years, Walt is very much alive in his parks, his innovations, and his company.

If you are looking for a new series to watch, The Imagineering Story is one you should not miss. You are sure to learn something new as well as gain more appreciation for the parks and the minds that help make your magical experiences.

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4 Reasons to Binge-Watch The Imagineering Story on Disney+ 1

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