4 Ways to Financially Plan Ahead for Your Trip to Disneyland Paris

Planning a trip to Disneyland Paris? A Disney trip can be pretty pricey – but Disneyland Paris trip can leave people nervous (financially) when it comes to crossing off the famous park. We’re here to try and ease your fears! We have found 4 tips that can help you have a great trip without worrying about your wallet.

  1. Find the Cheapest Times to Fly
    • Depending on your distance from Paris – prices are sure to fluctuate. The goal is to fly during the times Paris is less likely to be soo busy. Avoid June-August. You’ll be competing for plane tickets with everyone from study abroad students to families looking for a summer vacation. Some great times are November, as well as late January to early February. You’ll miss major holidays, but the low park crowds will be your reward. Look in advance, and monitor the fluctuation of prices but the main goal is around 5-6 months in advance.
  2. Purchase your Park Tickets in Advance
    • To some people – this advice goes without saying, but if you’re in Paris and deciding the last minute to go to Disneyland Paris, give yourself 24 hours and find a printer. If you’re unable, make sure you bring the cash amount of how much a ticket will be. They do have credit card readers but always be prepared in case they stop working — which temporarily happened on my visit. Additionally, if you purchase in advance – you get to see the days that are cheapest. For instance, in November, weekdays are cheap ($61 USD for adults) but weekends go up ($96 USD for adults).
  3. Plan your Resturants
    • Not all restaurants are created equal and if you are not sure about where to go and what to eat – you can find yourself at a restaurant paying more than you’d like or finding things to eat at some snacking kiosks (and nothing wrong with that). Check out restaurants like The Lucky Nugget Saloon, Restaurant Hakuna Matata, or Pizzeria Bella Notte – they all have low price ranges and great reviews. There are plenty of other options as well – so take a look at all their restaurants and specify your price range!
  4. Grab the Train
    • If you’re not staying on property, grab the train! There are plenty of locations within Paris that will take you directly to the gates of Disneyland Paris for $8.71 each way. Compare that to the costs of taxis and you’ll be sold immediately. There is the magical shuttle if you are staying on property and are looking at a direct path to the airport. Check out Disneyland Paris’ Transfer Options for more information.

These are just a few simple tips. Plan anything enough in advance and you are sure to save yourself some cash. Make sure you take advantage of all the offers that Disneyland Paris has on their hotels and tickets. Remember – only buy your tickets through Disney. You may find people online stating they have cheaper tickets then found at the price. This should never be trusted and could leave you being turned away from the park.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have some fun and splurge where you can to make as much magic as you want! It’s your vacation after all!

Danielle H

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