5 Relaxing Attractions you can use to Beat the Heat

relaxing attractions

We all know that Florida weather can be extremely hot. Now, with the requirement of face coverings, many of us are needing more breaks in the cool air conditioning. Luckily, Walt Disney World is home to a number of relaxing attractions that are perfect for taking a quick rest and getting out of the heat. Here are my top 5 attractions to rest and cool off during:

1. The Hall of Presidents- If you’re looking for a nice long air-conditioned break, look no further than The Hall of Presidents, located in Liberty Square inside of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This 25-minute show features life-like animatronics of all of The United States of America’s Presidents as well as a short film depicting a historical account of several presidencies. Whether you really enjoy the brief history lesson or prefer to take a quick snooze, this attraction is a great way to sit down and cool off.

2. The Carousel of Progress- Another wonderful attraction to sit and rest during is The Carousel of Progress, located in Tomorrowland inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park. This just over 20-minute attraction consists of a theater audio-animatronic stage show that documents the advances in technology and how it has affected the life of one family. You’ll be singing ‘There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow’ for the rest of the day!

Carousel of Progress

3. Muppet Vision 3D- Muppet Vision 3D is a 3D film located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios featuring none other than The Muppets! The film takes guests on a fun journey exploring the technological advances of 3D movie technology and also has some fun muppet-style surprises included. I have thoroughly enjoyed this attraction since I was a child, and it is a great time for the whole family. At 17 minutes long, it is a great way to sit down and relax.


4. Spaceship Earth- Of course, we can’t forget the iconic Spaceship Earth, the attraction inside of the “big ball” at Disney’s Epcot. Running at 15 minutes long, this classic ride takes guests on a journey through the history of communication and features famous scenes from world history reenacted by impressive animatronics. This is a slow-moving and relaxing journey and provides a nice relaxing break from the Florida weather.

5. Living with the Land- living with the Land is a slow-paced boat ride found in The Land Pavilion in Disney’s Epcot. Running at just under 15 minutes, Living with the Land is an educational ride, explaining to guests the importance of utilizing our land to create sustainable food sources. This attraction is another favorite of mine, and it is educational as well as relaxing. It is so interesting to see where a lot of the produce and fish served at Walt Disney World Resort comes from!

So, when you are exhausted and burning up from exploring the parks under the hot Florida sun, remember these relaxing attractions and head for one of them to take a cool break!

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