In 1998, Pixar released its hit, ‘A Bugs Life’. Great characters, smart jokes, the film made an impact on young and adult fans alike. A simple ant just working to break the mold that every ant lives and dies by – something we all can relate to.

  1. No Take like an Outtake
    • A Bugs Life was the first Pixar film to contain outtakes at the end of the film. It was even featured in the theatrical release of the film!
  2. One of the Greats
    • Famous Actress Madeline Kahn, who played Gypsy, passed one year after the film was released, making ‘A Bugs Life’ the last film she was ever involved in.
  3. A Film Like No Other
    • According to Disney, this film required a lot of work in order to top the amount of work completed in Toy Story.
      A Bug’s Life had a footage rendering server that was seven times as large as the one used on Toy Story. The movie also had 23 more animators, over 60 more shots, about 270 more models and shaders, and 1,055 more feet (literally, characters’ feet) than Toy Story.”
  4. Nothing Like a Classic
    • Are you a fan of 1941’s Dumbo? The circus train, known as Casey Junior is also featured in A Bugs Life as the train used by the circus bugs.
  5. That Sounds Familiar
    • During the end credits, Flik goes to take flight and utters the famous words of a pixar Space ranger – “To Infinity and Beyond!”
  6. Underrated, but Massively Loved
    • Many may say there are other Pixar films that too their list. Upon rewatch, older fans are coming around to appreciate everything Bugs Life has to offer!

With all these facts and all the work that was involved in the making, rewatch this Pixar classic and notice all the detailing and hard work that went into the evolution of CGI and animation.

Photos/Facts: Disney

6 ‘A Bugs Life' Facts All Pixar Fans Must Know 1

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