7 Magical Facts We Love about Cinderella


7 Magical Facts We Love about Cinderella 1

Cinderella was released in 1950, but it seems to hold a place in everyones heart – no matter what age you are. The film has a sense of timelessness to it. We all have a dream, including Cinderella, and maybe that is why we all identify with it so much. So – interested in learning more about everyones favorite girl in blue? Check out the facts below and let us know which one suprised you!

  1. Charming? Who’s Charming?
    • Cinderella’s beloved prince is never called “Prince Charming” in the film. The word “charm” isn’t even used in association with his name. Cinderella does call our favorite no-name-prince, “handsome”. So maybe Prince Handsome is more suitable!
  2. All in a Day
    • Aside from Cinderella’s introduction in the prologue and marriage scene in the end of the film, the entire movie takes place within a 24-hour period. What should be more amazing is that Cinderella could sew an entire ballgown in less than 12 hours!
  3. Feetsy the Feline
    • A mean old cat like Lucifer should be designed in true, mean cat fashion – right? Animator Ward Kimball recalls having troubles with the design, but when Walt met Ward’s cat named Feetsy – the design was there, all along! “Walt came out to the house here one day,” Ward recalled. “And our six-toed cat we called Feetsy was rubbing up against Walt’s leg, and he said ‘For gosh sakes Kimball, there’s your cat! What are you worried about?’ And that’s what led to my conception of the cat.” And thank goodness for that! Lucifer remains one of the most iconic and loveable Villian side-kicks!
  4. Nine Old Men
    • The “Nine Old Men” are legends on their own, but it turns out the first film that all nine of them worked on was Cinderella! Of note – Marc Davis worked on Cinderella, Ollie Johnson worked on the Stepsisters, Ward Kimball worked on Lucifer, Jaq, and Gus, and Frank Thomas worked on Lady Tremaine!
  5. The One and Only, Mary Blair
    • It doesn’t take much to realize that the art direction for Cinderella is beautiful and romantic in its own way. Thanks to the genius of Mary Blair, Cinderella is transformed into not only a masterpiece in animation – but one in art design as well. She mastered joining colors that are not normally paired together which gave each film its own unique quality. You may recognize similar artistic themes in Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland as well.
  6. A Real-Life Princess
    • Disney is known for using live-action models in order to get movement and figure correct when animating. Helene Stanley was the model for Cinderella, but she was also a model for Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and Anita Radcliffe from One Hundred and One Dalmations!
  7. From Rags to Favorite
    • Did you know that Walt’s favorite pieces of animation was in Cinderella? The scene in which Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother transforms her tattered rags to a glistening ball gown is said to have been Walt’s favorite. And who could argue with that?

It is shocking that Cinderella has turned 70 years old. There is something about this classic piece of Disney that has stood the test of time. Could it be the ahead of its time art direction? Or the fact that it had 9 of the greatest animators of all time? Maybe. Or maybe there’s something special about having courage and being kind that sets Cinderella apart from all the rest.

Photo: Disney, Mary Blair

7 Magical Facts We Love about Cinderella 2

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