9 Essential Disney Movies to Watch Before Halloween

Halloween is more than just a holiday for most people. True fans like to immerse themselves in all things spooky and scary. Some may not think that these movies are made for the holiday, but I am here to prove to you otherwise. Here are our list 9 key movies to watch before (or during) Halloween.

  1. Halloweentown
    • Debbie Reynolds truly evokes the spirit of Halloween as a lovely grandmother with a (spoiler) witchy secret. This cult classic appeared on the Disney Channel but surpassed all expectations when it became a favorite and has stood the test of time… more-so than many Disney Channel movies. If this has not been added to your list of Halloween favorites to watch, take 84 minutes and enjoy the magic that is Halloweentown.
  2. Muppet Treasure Island
    • I don’t need to have a reason to watch Muppet movies — they are good to watch any time of the year. If you are wondering why Muppet Treasure Island is even on this list – prepare to be convinced. Sword fights, dastardly pirates, torture – this film has everything! Try not to fall in love with all the characters – even the baddies. Tim Curry takes over the movie as Long John Silver and makes you want to join his crew the moment you see him. We’re even honored with the appearance of Billy Connolly. Great songs and dark themes await you in this movie and what is more Halloween that?
  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    • Halloween is really just a celebration of all Tim Burton movies, isn’t it? This film is not only a masterpiece visually – but doubles as a Christmas favorite as well. Jack is frustrated with his repetitive and mundane life and starts looking for something new – and we all can relate to that. The stop motion animation is amazing and Danny Elfman’s music makes the film a timeless classic that after 26 years, we all can still sing along.
  4. Mickey’s House of Villains
    • Running a little over an hour, this film finally gives famous Disney Villians the spotlight they deserve. What better of a time for all your favorites to meet up – than Halloween? Mischief and shenanigans ensue – but why wouldn’t it when you get this rowdy group together?
  5. The Haunted Mansion
    • Can’t be at Disneyland/Disney World to enjoy your favorite haunted ride? Pop in The Haunted Mansion movie! Though some may not have enjoyed the rides theatrical tribute, watch it to spot some familiar faces. Keep an eye out for some hitchhiking ghosts as Eddie Murphy struggles with his family to make it through their stay!
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
    • After watching The Haunted Mansion, you may need to watch a movie based on a ride – but still gives you a spooky feel. Though pirates may not immediately take you there, GHOST pirates certainly will! This movie truly needs no introduction. Its numerous sequels and the fantastic storytelling will make you wish you were standing along with Captain Jack and his crew, headed to Tortuga.
  7. Hocus Pocus
    • Truthfully, I almost forgot to add this to my list – based on the fact that it should be a given that this movie should be on your list. 3 witches from 1693 popping up in the early ’90s? What isn’t to love! Winnie, Mary, and Sarah show you how witches really have some wicked fun – with, of course, a musical number to boot!
  8. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
    • What is more classic than the headless horseman? Ichabod, Sleepy Hollow, a spooky fall evening — everything you need on a cool evening in October. Written by Washington Irving, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has been remade for modern media time and time again. Yet there is something about the Disney version that still will have you shouting at Ichabod to run faster.
  9. Frankenweenie
    • Frankenweenie is a lovely Halloween movie. Not only is it a story about a boy and his dog, but how truly special their bond is – even surpassing death. Frankenweenie can be forgotten this time of year since it tends to be shadowed by The Nightmare Before Christmas. The story of Frankenstein… as a dog? Even Mary Shelley would like that – and you will too!

Many of these are currently may be on your own list – but hopefully I have added a few more for you to watch. I hope you all get in the spirit of the season and have a fun, safe, and spooky Halloween!

Danielle H

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