Rare Baby Addax Makes Debut at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

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Rare Baby Addax Makes Debut at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge celebrates a Mother’s Day miracle with the arrival of Julien, a precious baby addax!

These magnificent animals are facing extinction in the wild, with fewer than 100 remaining. Julien’s birth is a significant contribution to the worldwide addax population, currently numbering just over 180 across accredited institutions.

Every animal birth is cause for celebration at Disney, but Julien’s arrival holds extra special meaning. He represents a glimmer of hope for the future of this endangered species.

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A Baby Calf, Just in Time for Mother’s Day 

Julien stands just over an adorable two feet tall with a great head of hair and is as cute as can be. He is welcomed by his mom Juniper and the rest of the herd over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and he is the first male calf born at the resort. An ode to his mom and dad, Julien’s name is a combination of both Juniper and Allen, who are all a part of the larger herd. Actually, Walt Disney World is one of just 21 AZA accredited institutions who have addax in their care, and what better place to be able to see them than on the savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  

As an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), Disney has collaborated with renowned experts to help increase populations of endangered and threatened species. Following AZA Species Survival Plans(SSP), Disney has welcomed the births of a variety of animals just in the last year. This birth is just one example of many that exemplifies the success of Disney’s continued work to breed at risk animals. 

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A Massive Win for Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment 

Julien’s birth is an incredible win for the population of this species and for Disney’s team of veterinarians and animal keepers who are over the moon to welcome another addax as they are so critical in the wild. This birth is just one of many examples that testifies to the level of care Disney’s animals receive. 

The critically endangered addax is a species of antelope known for their curly horns that calves are actually born with. This species of antelope is so rare, one of the few places in the entire world where they can be spotted outside of the Saharan desert in Africa is at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  

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Thank You to All of The Moms 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, including first time mom Juniper, who’s growing closer and closer to baby Julien day by day! And we can’t forget about those who care for Juniper, caring for her since her own birth at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge all the way through her first pregnancy and now into motherhood. 

This birth continues to remind us of the power of protecting our world and those who need our help like the addax and other endangered and threatened species.

Soon, mom and baby will be out on the savanna and if you’d like to visit the herd, be sure to head over to Sunset Savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge! 

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