What is Beverly?

Design by Tina Heaton, Graphic by Wendy Brinkman


Q. What is Beverly?

A.  Beverly is a carbonated soft drink that was produced by the Coca-Cola Company. Originally marketed as a non alcoholic”Apéritif” in Italy. It is a very dry and bitter drink that was discontinued in 2009, however can still be found at Coca-Cola sampling stations in the United States.

Most famously Beverly can be found at “Club Cool” in Epcot, where many trick their unsuspecting friends and family members into trying this bitter soft drink. It has become a well known “prank” for Disney Addicts to convince someone to take a sip, and capture their reaction on pictures or video. While the drink is not terrible, it is definitely a shock to those expecting the same sweet tastes of the other sodas available for sampling.

Danielle L