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 Question: Can I book a stroller rental in advance?

Answer: Yes! If you use an outside vendor, you can order the stroller in advance. If you want a stroller from Disney, you will rent it by the day as you are in the parks. If not having the stroller in the resorts or on non-park days is an option for your family you can rent a stroller upon arrival at any of the Disney World parks.

The downside to the Disney World strollers is that they are $15 a day (you can prepay through the length of your visit) and they aren’t as cozy as the stroller you may have at home. They are made out of a hard material and they’re bulky.

You have other options of course! Disney has 3 approved vendors that will deliver the prepaid stroller of your choosing right to your resorts check-in! You give them the date and time of arrival and your departure information and they will also pick it up from the front desk.

Kingdom Strollers– Featuring lightweight and compact strollers to double strollers, they also offer crib and bedding rental. That could come in handy for those staying off property especially. The pricing ranges from $40 for 1-3 nights for the most simple single stroller to $165 for 19-21 nights for the higher end double stroller, just to give you a range. Kingdom has partnered with Garden Grocer so you will also get a free coupon code once you’ve booked your rental for some free groceries!

Magic Strollers– This company boasts steam cleaned strollers and canvas bags to store the stroller in or carry from park to bus. Magic strollers also charges by day only. Like Kingdom, they also offer the City- Mini (And GT version) starting at $25-30 for the first day and $6-7.50 each additional day and City-Doubles (and the GT version) are $40-50 the first day and $7.50-8.50 each additional day.

Orlando Strollers– “Handpicked and cleaned by a Mom!” what better way to grab a Mom’s attention? You can add an optional rain cover for no charge and you get a free insulated lunch bag to keep. The prices are comparable to Kingdom in format, ranging from $40 for the 1-3 day window for a single all the way up to $125 for an upgraded double for 11-14 nights.

All of the outside vendors are approved by Disney and have very positive feedback, so the choice is in your hands! Financially speaking if you are ok with carrying the stroller on and off the buses you will save yourself money by using an outside vendor and you will have the luxury of a stroller 24/7.

If you are thinking of bringing your little ones to Disney World I’d love to help you plan! I’m Autumn with World of Magic Travel and as a mother of a toddler I know how much goes into planning when you have tots coming along. Contact me today for a FREE quote!  Email me or find me on Facebook!

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  1. This is perfect timing! We are headed down in August and weren’t sure how to handle the stroller thing for our (by then) two 6 y.o.’s and one 4 1/2 y.o. Thanks for all the great info!

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