Can I bring a cooler into the Disney Parks?

Coolers in the Parks1
Coolers in the Parks1

Coolers in the Parks

This is a question that I hear all the time…can I bring a cooler into the park?  Well, the answer is YES!  You can bring a cooler into any of the Disney parks as long as you abide by the rules set forth by Disney.

So, the rules differ on the West Coast and on the East Coast… For any cooler that you decide to bring on your journey into Disneyland or California Adventure, they must be sized to hold a six-pack or smaller.  Anything larger must be stored in a locker located outside of the park entrance.  The perfect size to fit into the largest locker is a bag no wider than 18 inches, no higher than 25 inches and no deeper than 37 inches.  This will insure that the cooler or bag will fit easily into the lockers!

To bring a cooler into any of the Disney World parks, they must be no longer than 24 inches, no wider than 15 inches and no higher than 18 inches.  Another popular question is if coolers are allowed to have wheels and that is a yes and no answer!  Yes for Disney World parks and no for Disneyland and California Adventure.  Disney California does not permit any wheeled bags at all in the park, so make sure that you get there early and rent a locker if you are bringing a larger cooler or a bag with wheels!!

Here’s another little tip…if you are bringing a cooler into the park to store medication but don’t want to carry it, you can either rent a locker (lockers are not refrigerated on either coast) or if your medication requires refrigeration, simply visit Guest Relations in Disney World or First Aid at Disneyland and they will hold onto it for you!  Where coolers are concerned you really just need to use your best judgement.  Of course there are other rules that go along with coolers in all of the Disney theme parks or even just when you bring snacks or drinks into any of the parks.

Disney doesn’t mind if you bring your own snacks and drinks to the park, however, absolutely no glass containers can be brought into the park.  The only exception to this particular rule would be baby food, however at both parks in California that is restricted to a 4 oz jar.  Obviously no glass in the parks mean no broken glass for guests to get hurt on!  Makes sense, right?  Also, you may have wondered why there are no straws, cup lids or even balloons allowed at Animal Kingdom.  Well the answer to this question is that those items can hurt the animal residents of the park and no one wants that to happen, right?!  Another item that is strictly prohibited from being brought into all parks is alcoholic beverages.

So feel free to bring your cooler along for the ride, just make sure that your aware of the rules and that all bags will be inspected upon entering the parks…just to keep everyone safe!  But no worries, inspections are usually very quick and you will be on your way in no time at all!

If bringing  a cooler into the park is because you have dietary restrictions, don’t forget that Disney will work with you to be sure that there is something that you will be able to eat when you arrive.  You have the option of making dietary requests prior to your arrival or if eating at a restaurant within the parks, just let your waiter or waitress know and they will make sure that your dietary needs are met!  At most restaurants the Chef will actually come to your table and discuss how they can make a meal that meets your dietary needs while satisfying your pallet!

If you are thinking about a trip to WDW, give me a call!  I am a travel consultant with World of Magic Travel and I will handle all of the details for you!  I will map out all of the dining locations that meet your dietary needs and I will make all of your dietary requests prior to your arrival!  All you have to do is show up, have fun and best of all my services are completely FREE!  Drop me an email at or give me a call, 201-972-5664, and I will be happy to answer any and all questions that you may have.  Now…let the magic begin!


Can I bring a cooler into the Disney Parks? 1

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