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Can My Child Write Their Favorite Character and Request an Autograph?

Q: We can’t travel to Walt Disney World for quite some time, can my son or daughter write to their favorite Disney character and request and autograph?

A. Why Yes They Can!

Just have them write their favorite Disney Character as shown below and in a number of weeks they will receive a autographed photograph in return!

Attn: “Disney Character Name”

Walt Disney World Communications

P.O. Box 10040

Lake Buena Vista, FL. 32830-0040

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery


Have A Magical Vacation!

-Don & Tina



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  • Is it limited in any way? My son loves Baymax and Hiro, can he get their autographs? He also likes Gravity Falls, but are they available even though they aren;t in the Parks?