What does my MagicBand do?

I’ve seen a lot of people asking what their MagicBand can do, better question. What CAN’T your MagicBand do?! It is full of power, Magic and a little bit of Pixie Dust! It is your Key to your Magical vacation! Literally.

It is your Resort Room Key. You can Check in Online and bypass the Lobby and go straight to your room, since you already have the key! It is your Park Tickets, Fast Pass, and you can even link your Credit/Debit Card to it and make purchases as well. Now the Disability Access Service can be linked to your MagicBand!

Once you are all booked, you can personalize a MagicBand for everyone in your party. Pick a color, choose a name and wait for the Magic to begin! They usually arrive within 3-4 Weeks prior to arrival. You can add special event tickets to them, customize them, make them a little smaller for the youngins and easy to keep track of! If I could link my phone, then I think I would be all set!

Now that you understand how it all works, let’s get you on your way! My name Is Jamie and not only am I an Independent Travel Agent with World of Magic Travel, or a Disney Addict myself! I’m also a writer for Chip & Co. I live here in Florida and keep myself updated and keep my clients up to date as well! Feel free to contact me at Jamieporter@worldofmagictravel.com or follow me here on Facebook

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  1. Thanks for sharing the info for the magic bands, it was very helpful for this first time user, but I’ve been a DA for sometime! Have a magical day!

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