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Can You Bring Your Own Bottled Water With You To The Disney Parks?

Can you bring your own bottled water with you to the parks?

This was one of my main questions on my second trip into Walt Disney World. It was August and I was 8 months pregnant! You absolutely can bring your own water bottles into the Disney parks.

Disney allows you to bring in your own food (so long as it doesn’t need to be heated) and non-alcoholic drinks, but no glass bottles (with the an exception for baby food).

I like to bring my own reusable water bottles that come with filters for my family; once we drink the water we start the day with, we can refill them for free at the drinking fountains throughout the parks (an easy way to find a drinking fountain is to locate the nearest restroom and look outside of it). Our water bottles clip on our stroller and is easy for us to grab when we are thirsty.

One thing to keep in mind when deciding to bring your own bottled water is your ability to carry it throughout the park. Don’t want to worry about carrying around a water bottle all day? No problem, just use the drinking fountains. I have always found the water to be refreshing, however, there are others that aren’t crazy about the taste of the tap water in Florida. A great option for these people is to bring the small flavor pouches to add to the water. My kids love the lemonade packs that you can find in most stores.

Another option is to get free ice water from Disney! Stop in a quick service restaurant and ask at the counter for ice water… it’s FREE!

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