Celebrate the 56th Anniversary of The Sound of Music with these 10 Facts!

On March 2nd, 1965, Rodgers and Hammerstein released ‘The Sound of Music‘ and nothing has been the same since. A young, 28-year-old Julie Andrews lit up our screen alongside a 34-year-old Christopher Plummer. 56 years later, this cinematic masterpiece still holds true and keeps us singing along to this day.

  1. A Different Name?
    • Used to “The Sound of Music”? The original title for the musical was supposed to be “The Singing Heart“. There’s just not the same ring to it!
  2. Keep on Growin’!
    • The actor who played Friedrich, Nicholas Hammond, grew 6 inches (from 5’3″ to 5’9″) during the 6 months of shooting the film. This growth caused a headache due to the fact he needed to remain in between the heights of his sisters Liesl and Louisa.
  3. Knocked Down
    • .Julie Andrews, whilst spinning away in the hills in Austria, repeatedly was knocked down due to the gusts from the helicopter carrying the camera.
  4. A Different Escape
    • The von Trapps escaped Austria to flee the Nazis, but they didn’t cross over the Alps when doing so. They took a train to Italy and headed to America where a concert tour was scheduled.
  5. Oh, Captain My Captain!
    • It’s crazy to think of anyone other than Christopher Plummer playing Captain von Trapp! Famous actors Sean Connery, Richard Burton, and Bing Crosby were all in the running to play the Captain.
  6. A Trapp Cameo
    • The real-life Maria von Trapp makes a cameo in the film! Keep an eye out for her walking past a stone archway during the song, “I Have Confidence”.
  7. A Big Hit
    • If you adjust “The Sound of Music” for inflation – it is one of the highest-grossing films ever made!
  8. The Hidden Injury
    • While filming “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”, Charmian Carr, fell through the glass in the gazebo. This injured her ankle which caused her to wear a bandage covered with makeup to complete the scene.
  9. An Overboard Incident
    • In the film, Maria and the children capsize the rowboat. For 5-year-old Gretl, played by Kym Karath, it was quite traumatizing. Karath could not swim and Andrews fell backwards instead of forwards – leaving her unable to assist. Karath swallowed quite a bit of water and proceeded to vomit over Menzies-Urich (who played Lousia).
  10. The End of a Chapter
    • “The Sound of Music” was the eighth and final musical written by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Hammerstein unfortunately never saw the movie. He had passed from stomach cancer 9 months after the Broadway premiere.

You can watch The Sound of Music on Disney+ today!

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Danielle H