5 Reasons Why You Should Take a SOLO Trip to Disney World

When you think of Walt Disney World, you usually think of a family vacation destination. Disney World ads show families with young children, grandparents, and couples. There is one type of trip that we don’t hear a lot about-the solo trip! It’s not the most common type of Disney vacation, but solo travelers visit the parks every day! Here are the top 5 reasons you should take a solo trip to Disney World.

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Freedom—The number one positive aspect of a solo trip is freedom. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. No one begging you to ride Dumbo over and over and over again. No having to stop to deal with tantrums. No need to find every restaurant that serves chicken nuggets and fries. Ride what YOU like, or ride nothing at all. See the shows YOU want to see. Grab lunch at Starbucks (remember, no one is there to judge!) and settle in somewhere to just take in the atmosphere and people watch. You can run all over the park or just stroll leisurely to your favorite attractions. Stop when you want to. Change of plans? No biggie! The only person you have to please is yourself!

Stress free—It makes perfect sense after considering #1 that a solo trip to Walt Disney World is much less stressful! When the only person you have to worry about is yourself, there aren’t any arguments or meltdowns. Don’t feel like waking up early for rope drop? No worries! Want to sit poolside with a frosty beverage mid-day? Ok. You can go at your own pace and not worry about anyone else’s plans. This type of trip is all relaxation and zero stress! Not what you’d expect from a Disney trip, huh?

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It’s all about you! —Are you having a major Disney withdrawal? No need to wait for someone to go with you! Just pack your bags and go! No need to wait for someone to get approval for time off. No asking what everyone else wants to do and accomodating everyone in the group. You make all the decisions! In this case, the world does revolve around YOU!

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Save money—Since you are only paying for one person, obviously, it is much less expensive than a family trip. Only one plane ticket, one park ticket, less food, fewer souvenirs. All around, you will spend less because you are only spending for one person.

Treat Yourself – Part of spending less money on your vacation also means you might have more available to treat yourself! Take that behind-the-scenes tour you’ve always wanted to take. Buy that latest Disney Dooney bag! You can check some things off of your Disney bucket list that you might not have been able to if traveling with others.

Have you ever taken a solo trip to Walt Disney World? If you’d like to start planning your next Disney trip, contact me today for a free, no-obligation vacation quote.


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