Disney DIY – Theme Park Map Picture Frames

One of my favorite Disney World souvenirs is Theme Park Maps – that’s right, the maps you grab at the start of your day and use and crumple up and accidentally get wet and find in soggy pieces at the bottom of your bag – those maps. Might seem like a strange souvenir, but I love them for two reasons 1 – they’re FREE, and 2 – you can do SO MUCH with them!

Personally, I like to use them in Disney scrapbooks or trip photo albums, and I have also used them to make awesome Drink Coasters that I use every day – and this last time I was there, I grabbed a bunch from each park, and got to thinking about what else I can make. And suddenly it came to me – Picture Frames! Cheap, easy, and a great way to display not only the maps but trip photos as well!

Read on for how I did it:

-Plain photo frame – the kind I used are available in a couple different designs at Michael’s for $1 each (I like to always have some on hand for art projects like this!)
-Mod Podge
-Paintbrush (foam or regular)
-A photo to put in the frame once it’s done!

Cut/arrange the park map(s) how you will want them to look on the frame – you can see how I did mine in the picture above
-One at a time, brush Mod Podge on the back of the pieces of the maps and arrange them on the plain wooden frame
-Once all pieces are in place, spread a thin layer of Mod Podge over all of it (this will act as a sealer and preserver for the paper)
-Let dry completely (I left mine overnight) and repeat with the second coat of Mod Podge
-Once dry, insert photos and display proudly!

**As you can see, I am NO professional crafter – I even got my thumb in the Mod Podge and tore off part of the Magic Kingdom wording – but I still think they turned out great! I did a second one using some Mickey scrapbooking paper I had laying around and some letters I made on my Cricut – this was a last-minute one that I just threw together, But I like it a lot!

Anyone can easily do this craft, it’s not difficult or expensive, and for me, it’s a great way to combine my two favorite Disney souvenirs – park maps, and trip photos!

Happy Crafting!

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