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Disney DIY – Theme Park Map Picture Frames

One of my favorite Disney World souvenirs is Theme Park Maps – that’s right, the maps you grab at the start of your day and use and crumple up and accidentally get wet and find in soggy pieces at the bottom of your bag – those maps. Might seem like a strange souvenir, but I love them for two reasons 1 – they’re FREE, and 2 – you can do SO MUCH with them!

Personally, I like to use them in Disney scrapbooks or trip photo albums, and I have also used them to make awesome Drink Coasters that I use every day – and this last time I was there, I grabbed a bunch from each park, and got to thinking about what else I can make. And suddenly it came to me – Picture Frames! Cheap, easy, and a great way to display not only the maps but trip photos as well! Read on for how I did it:

-Plain photo frame – the kind I used are available in a couple different designs at Michael’s for $1 each (I like to always have some on hand for art projects like this!)
-Mod Podge
-Paintbrush (foam or regular)
-A photo to put in the frame once it’s done!

-Cut/arrange the park map(s) how you will want them to look on the frame – you can see how I did mine in the picture above
-One at a time, brush Mod Podge on the back of the maps pieces and arrange them on the plain wooden frame
-Once all pieces are in place, spread a thin layer of Mod Podge over all of it (this will act as a sealer and preserver for the paper)
-Let dry completely (I left mine overnight) and repeat with a second coat of Mod Podge
-Once dry, insert photo and display proudly!

**As you can see, I am NO professional crafter – I even got my thumb in the Mod podge and tore off part of the Magic Kingdom wording – but I still think they turned out great! I did a second one using some Mickey scrapbooking paper I had laying around and some letters I made on my cricut – this was a last minute one that I just threw together, But I like it a lot!

Anyone can easily do this craft, it’s not difficult or expensive, and for me it’s a great way to combine my two favorite Disney souvenirs – park maps, and trip photos!

Happy Crafting!

Catie H

Catie H is an avid Walt Disney World lover who has been vacationing there since she was (just barely!) tall enough to ride Space Mountain. She believes there is something for everyone at Disney World - and especially enjoys writing about the benefits of WDW for adults
Catie H

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