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Disney DIY – Toy Story Party Ideas

With the recent opening of Disney World’s brand new Toy Story Land, the movie franchise has enjoyed some extra attention and popularity – and with good reason! It’s perfect timing to get a whole new generation to fall in love with a series that I loved as a kid, and it’s great to see my son get so excited about Buzz and Woody, too! Oh – and it doesn’t hurt that this will be the perfect way to promote Toy Story 4 – which Disney has set to release into theaters next June. This new younger generation of Toy Story loves will be clamoring for Buzz and Woody themed everything – from toys to clothes, to PARTIES.

Read on for my best Toy Story Party Ideas for your own DIY Party:

Décor: First things first – if your kids are fans of Toy Story, be smart and use what they already have laying around – their TOYS that is! Woody, Buzz, and the tiny army men you’re always stepping on would make PERFECT table centerpieces or additions to the food and gift tables. You can easily create your own Toy Story Photo Booth too – with a light blue “sky” backdrop, and these Printable Toy Story Photo Booth Props. What a fun way for those of all ages to “dress up” – and if you have a digital or Polaroid type camera, you can leave it set up there for fun throughout the Party! Banners, tableware, and another décor can easily be purchased through a party supply store – like Party City


In general, little ones are happy to run around and play without needing much in the way of “structured” activities, but it is still always fun to do one or two themed crafts or games – and one that I REALLY love for this theme is the Mr and Mrs Potato Head Craft – the link includes all the printable parts, and it’s a great one to do ahead of time and put the “parts” for each party guest in a baggie. Kids will have a great time “assembling” these, and for inspiration make sure you have your real Mr and Mrs Potato head on hand, too! Another easy activity for little ones is coloring – check out these printable Toy Story Coloring Pages

If you’re looking for an activity for kids who are a bit older than preschool, then you might want to try your hand at making an Alien Pinata – it’s a great way to get your kids involved in some of the pre-party prep work as it involves paper mache (which is super messy therefore a huge hit with kids), plus – what kid DOESN’T love hitting a huge object with a baseball bat until candy rains down on them?

Food: The most important part of ANY party (in my opinion anyway!) Start by giving your water bottles a little Toy Story flair with these printable water bottle labels, and once you’ve put those together, get going on the grub: Pasta salad made with Rotini (corkscrew) pasta can be labeled “Slinky Dog Pasta”, Pirate’s Booty is now “Galaxy Puffs”, and pizza boxes can be re-labeled with the “Pizza Planet” Logo (download it here). You could even make some healthy “Fruit Rockets” out of grapes skewered and topped with a strawberry, and for the cake course – cupcakes baked in Toy Story Cupcake Liners, topped with Toy Story themed cupcake picks, displayed on a Toy Story Cupcake Stand allow for the cake and frosting to be any variety – and can easily be made from store-bought mix/frosting (easy is good sometimes, right!)

Favors: Toy Story Pez Dispensers, Sheriff badges, a big bag of Assorted small toys, stickers – all of these are easy to throw together and can be purchased at most party supply stores

Toy Story has always been a wildly popular franchise for Disney – and with Toy Story land opening, as well as the release of Toy Story 4 yet to come, I don’t see it losing steam anytime soon! Hopefully, these party ideas will help you give your little sheriff (or space ranger!) the Toy Story party of their dreams!

Catie H

Catie H is an avid Walt Disney World lover who has been vacationing there since she was (just barely!) tall enough to ride Space Mountain. She believes there is something for everyone at Disney World - and especially enjoys writing about the benefits of WDW for adults
Catie H

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