Disney DIY Trip Countdown Crafts

Disney DIY Trip Countdown Crafts 1

I am a big fan of crafts – I love making something fun and unique, and just recently I threw together some Disney Picture Frames Using Park Maps. Crafts are not only something fun to do that the whole family can enjoy, but they also help pass the time when you’re anxiously waiting on something BIG – like your next DISNEY WORLD vacation! So grab the kids, some glue, and your creativity to help you create some awesome Disney Trip Countdown Crafts:

Disney DIY Trip Countdown Crafts 2

This adorable DIY Countdown Wreath would be great to hang in a high traffic area in your house – where the kids can take turns updating the chalkboard countdown each day! A lot of the required materials can be cheaply purchased at the dollar store, or by utilizing a coupon for your local Michael’s or Joann’s

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Another trip craft that is easy to do and perfect for the kids to get involved in is a simple countdown paper chain. I remember making them for Christmas time, but they are great for any kind of countdown – and especially great for counting down to DISNEY. It’s a great visual representation of “how many sleeps” are left until Disney World for the younger kids, and those of all ages will enjoy removing a ring daily and watching it shrink! Supplies are pretty basic things that you likely have around the house – Construction paper (classic red/white/yellow/black for Mickey themed colors), scissors, and tape or staples to link them all together! I recommend starting this around a month before your trip – any longer than that might be too hard for kids to really understand (not to mention it would take forever to make the chain, ha!). Of course, if you want to get fancy- you can add Mickey ears or buttons to the black ones, or you can customize it to the colors of your family’s favorite character(s), or add stickers to it – you can really make it uniquely yours!

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I personally LOVE this one – this < a href=https://www.getawaytoday.com/travel-blog/disney-vacation-countdown-craft-sticks>Craft Stick Countdown is such a great way to get to do something fun and “Disney” related each day leading up to the trip to get everyone excited about heading to WDW! The idea of the craft is to pick one “stick” each day and then do the activity listed on it. The linked instructions had a great list of things to put on your sticks:

Make Mickey Mouse Pancakes
Have A Dance Party To Disney Songs
Practice Star Wars Jedi Fighting Moves
Learn How To Do A Proper Curtsy
Make Dole Whips and Eat Them
Write A List Of Your Favorite Disney Park Attractions
See How Long You Can Bounce Like Tigger
Race Around The House Like Lightning McQueen
Watch A Disney Movie
Make A Disney Autograph Book To Take to Disneyland
Practice Signing Your Own Autograph
Count How Many Disney Movies You Can Name As A Group
Turn On The Star Wars Theme Song And Walk Around Like Darth Vader
Fight With Cardboard Light Sabers
Take A Bath and Splash Like Splash Mountain
Wear Something Disney On Your Clothes
Build A Disney Sandcastle
Draw A Picture Of Your Favorite Disney Attraction
Play “Frozen” Freeze Tag
Sing Your Favorite Disney Song

Or of course you can come up with your own to fit your family’s needs/wants. And as for the sticks and jar – you can decorate them any way you want! I love the idea of letting my son put a Disney sticker on each stick, and then decoupaging Mickey scrapbook paper on the jar. The directions have you putting Mickey Heads on each stick, which is also a great idea!

I hope these ideas have inspired you to create your own Disney Countdown Craft – and if you’re looking for more ideas, check out these Other ways to countdown to your Disney Trip, as well as other Trip Craft Ideas

Oh – and be sure you’re preparing for the trip in other ways too – use this Trip countdown timeline to stay on track

Happy Crafting!

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