Must-Have Souvenirs For Your Next Disney Vacation

Must-Have Souvenirs For Your Next Disney Vacation

Traveling to a Disney park anywhere is the world isn’t complete without picking up something to remember your trip by. Everyone has their favorite souvenirs, and with the constant production of new and interesting shop items, there’s plenty to choose from. With so many options to chose from, we thought it’d be fun to discuss some of the more popular, must have relics of Disney travel that seem to be the favorites among park travelers. So, without further ado…here are 5 Disney souvenirs that you must purchase every trip!

Christmas Ornaments

Must-Have Souvenirs For Your Next Disney Vacation

Each year, right around the time Halloween is on it’s way out the door, Christmas merchandise begins to flood the shelves and racks in Disney theme park stores. Sweaters, home decor, cutlery, and much more are available for guests who have that urge to get into the holiday spirit a little early. But…did you know that you can purchase Christmas decor and ornaments year round at Walt Disney World and other Disney properties?!

That’s right, parks like the Magic Kingdom have stores that celebrate the love of the holidays year round. Why’s this important? Because one of their most popular items to sell all year are Christmas ornaments. It’s become tradition for many families to purchase a new ornament to display on their tree each time they visit a Disney park. Disney isn’t ignorant to this either as annually they release new ornaments…many of which adorn the year! This makes them very recognizable while dangling on your tree.


Must-Have Souvenirs For Your Next Disney Vacation

One thing you’ll notice very quickly walking around Disney property is that almost everyone is rocking some sort of Disney shirt. We like to call this “Mickey Wear!” Although with the popularity of DIY and shops on Etsy, many guests make their own matching shirts these days…the market is still hot for Disney related clothing.

T-shirts at the parks are a big seller! Complete with catchy puns and characters, many can’t help but to pick up at least one new shirt every trip (I do)! New shirts are constantly available at parks and resorts making them a fluid and hot item to buy. And Disney has everyone in your family covered from kids to grandpa.


Must-Have Souvenirs For Your Next Disney Vacation

This one is exclusive to those who visit Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. If you’re unfamiliar with magicbands, imagine a rubber wrist watch that serves as your wallet, door key, scheduler, and personal identifier. Magicbands, although free with a resort reservation, don’t have to be just one plain color. In fact, there are literally hundreds of cool and fun options available to those who wish to spice their wrist up for their vacation.

Many cannot resist the allure of a wrist band that features their favorite Disney princess or Steamboat Willie. This is why they are such a prime selling piece of merchandise. In addition, you’ll often see many guests walking around wearing their boring, run-of-the-mill magicband in the parks or at resorts. This is great and all, but many people like to stand-out. A specialized or limited edition magicband is a great way to do just that!

Pins and Pressed Pennies

Must-Have Souvenirs For Your Next Disney Vacation

Yes…pressed pennies! Doesn’t seem like the greatest option for a souvenir, right? WRONG! Pressed penny machines can be found around almost every corner on Disney property…each one offering different designs detailing the park or resort they are found in! In addition, they are great for kids and relatively inexpensive. Kids love churning the handle to press their penny with the face of Mickey, Goofy, or some other attraction character. Many sport the names of resorts or rides too!

Pins…this is a big one! If I was actually ranking these…I’d probably put this as #2. Pins are a Disney sub-culture. You can find them literally anywhere and everywhere in almost every shape and design. You can find them for as cheap as nine bucks all the way up to near fifty (just depends on the pin). Pins reflect almost everything that Disney has to offer. Every character, every ride, every resort, and every show has a continuous supply of pins that are constantly updated. Pins accompany every holiday in the parks, special events, and premieres as well. Pins are such a large part of Disney culture, that you’ll many times see trading of pins in the parks. There are even special groups who meet up just to trade. Pins are absolutely a hot commodity at any Disney property, and once you buy one…you’ll buy many many more!

Last But Not Least….EARS!

Must-Have Souvenirs For Your Next Disney Vacation

Mickey and Minnie ears of course! This would absolutely be #1! Who goes to any Disney property without buying ears? No one does! Even the Dad who thought he was too cool to rock a headband with ears will find a set somewhere that makes him swoon. Ears are without a doubt the most popular selling merchandise at Disney parks. Even with Etsy shop owners creating their own unique and hard-to-find designs, somehow Disney has kept guests coming back for more and more. Ears are the staple of Disney merchandise. The shape encompasses everything recognizable about Disney in any part of the world! And guests eat is up! Some people hit up the parks just to look for new ear releases. Some others have collections equaling well over the hundreds! Ears are definitely where it’s at!

Of course this isn’t all Disney has to offer in terms of merchandise. There are literally tons of other options, but these are some of the must-haves that guest who visit multiple times can’t get enough of. Whether its an obsession or tradition, Disney souvenirs make us happy…and we’re okay with that!

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