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Disney World Tips: How To Handle That Florida Heat


Beating the Florida Heat

I just returned from a Walt Disney World Trip – and while I was devastated to have to leave (as any Disney World fan knows – those Post-Disney Blues are REAL) – I have to say, I learned a LOT on this trip – one thing being how to really handle the heat. I knew it would be warm, but I have to admit, i was NOT prepared for how HOT it would be! When we booked the trip we assumed ok, end of September, it will be warm, shorts for sure, but won’t be insanely hot. Well, we were SUPER WRONG – as it was in the 90’s every day, with humidity that made it feel way hotter (like 105-110). So, even if you think it will be cooler when you head to WDW, you might want to take some advice from someone who has been there on How To Handle The Florida Heat:

HYDRATE: Seriously though – DRINK ALL THE WATER ALL THE TIME. This may seem like a silly thing to include, like “ok duh of COURSE I will drink water when it’s hot” – but Florida heat is a whole different kind of beast, so whatever water you would normally drink when it’s hot, double it (at least!) – and make sure your little ones do the same. I recommend bringing a few larger refillable water bottles along from home (I like ones like This that have the ability to clip to a backpack. I also like to bring along some Crystal Light type powder drink packets – as the taste of Florida water from the Disney drinking fountains/sinks is not great, these help cover that up
*Pro Tip – any and all Counter Service dining locations around WDW parks will provide you with ice water upon request if needed

Bring Your Own “Cool Aids”: I like to pack some extra items to bring along to the Parks to ensure I am staying as cool as possible – like my own mister fans – you know, the ones that are a fan but also spray water on you too. They are available for sale at the Parks, but are expensive there – so I like to grab a couple from Wal-Mart (where we scored Disney themed ones for $4 last summer!), or off Amazon (where they cost a bit more than Wal-Mart, but are still less than half the price of the ones sold in the Parks!). Additionally, I bring along a few Chilly Towels – we have some of These type, but there are tons available for sale online, and all will do the trick. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, it’s a small towel that you wet once and the material stays wet and cool for a long while – they are great to hang around your neck, and the kids love them too. Again, they sell these in the Parks, but economically, it’s a small item that is cheaper easier to bring along from home if you can.

Take Breaks: In the extreme heat that tends to occur from like May-September in Orlando, I HIGHLY recommend taking MANY MANY breaks – alternating outdoor rides with ones that have indoor queues or theater settings where you can sit inside and relax a bit, and also I always have been a firm believer in going back to my WDW Resort during the day – late morning usually works well, that way I can eat at the Resort, then head to my room for a nap, thereby avoiding the hottest/most crowded part of the day at the Parks – which tends to be lunchtime/early afternoon

Cover Up: Not only can the heat make you tired and dehydrated, but it can also wreak havoc on your skin – so make sure you are diligently applying sunscreen several times a day (as even the “sweatproof” kind will fade quickly on hot days), and cover as much skin as you can bear. Hats, sunglasses, lightweight hoodies, rash guard shirts when swimming – whatever you can do, DO IT – it will help protect you and your skin from excessive heat and sunburn

Oh – and – one additional thing I really enjoyed was multiple frozen lemonades throughout the trip. They can be purchased from any ice cream stand for a snack credit, and it was just a great treat to share with my son that helped keep us all a bit cooler!

I will be the first to admit – the heat I experienced last month at the Disney Parks kicked my butt – I was NOT expecting it, and there were times when the humidity was so thick it felt like I could hardly breathe, and luckily even though I wasn’t expecting it, I had packed along my chilly towels and mister fans and water bottles – and plenty of sunscreen too, of course! Utilizing these saved us all from the heat getting the best of us, and because we took it easy and knew when to take breaks, we were still able to have a great time despite the stifling heat, and you can too, if you do like I did and follow my advice!

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