Where can I get a membership to Disneyland’s Club 33? Does Disney World have a club like this too?

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Where can I get a membership to Disneyland’s Club 33? Does Disney World have a club like this too?

A. For those not in the know, Club 33 is the exclusive members only club inside Disneyland.  Being able to peek inside, or even better dine at, Club 33 is on the bucket list for most Disneyland Addicts.  Of course, the true bucket list item would be to become a member of Club 33.  For me, the adage of if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it is so true (when I win the lotto, I’m will contact Disney about becoming a member).

Rumors for individual membership to Club 33 place the initiation fee between $25,000 and $30,000 and annuals dues at just over $10,000.  If you didn’t just gasp in shock as you read the price and are actually thinking, hmmm, maybe this is something I want to do, then you need to contact Disneyland to start the process.  Your first step is to write a letter of membership inquiry to Club 33 Membership Services in care of Disneyland Resort.  Depending on if there are memberships available you will hear back from Disney.  Patience may be a virtue after you send the letter. Rumor is that up until 2012 people were on the waiting list for membership for 14 or more years.  In 2012, with the opening of Club 1901 in Disney California Adventure, Disneyland opened up a limited number of membership spaces.  It was also at this time that Disney changed some of the membership perks so more rumors are that some long term members let their membership expire which opened up more spaces for new memberships.  For a video tour of Club 33 click here.

As for the question of whether Walt Disney World has a club like this too, at this point and time they do not.  In Fall 2013, Anonymouse posted over on the Chip and Co website that Disney had purchased some interesting domain names.  Check out Anonymouse’s post here for the domain names registered.  Outside of that I haven’t heard of any other rumors about Club 33 coming to WDW.

Back to Club 33, for those wondering how you can dine at Club 33 at least once, it truly does come down to who you know or who you potentially work for. There are a few corporate memberships and some of the executives of those corporation can use the membership. If you know one of these executives, or know an individual member, they can make arrangements for you to dine in Club 33. Be prepared, not including any alcohol, you will spend approximate $100-$150 per person on the meal.

As for a peek inside the lobby of Club 33, before Club 33 was closed earlier this year for remodeling, those on the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour used to get a peek in the lobby. Since Club 33 just reopened after the expansion work was completed, I’m not sure if the peek is still included in the tour.


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